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(this one is especially for my daddy)

a conversation Trip & I had today while discussing a doughnut:

Trip: What are you doing with that?

Me: I’m throwing it way because it is stale.

Trip: What is stale?

Me: It means it’s old, it’s not fresh anymore.

Trip: Grandpap is stale!

(he said it in all seriousness, but i caught him cracking up later & thought i’d post the pic here). i also got this video today, too:

daddy, think he pays attention when you talk about how old you are?????

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so… we have been planning, researching, saving, etc. for a new car for the last 3 or 4 months. we decided that we needed a vehicle with more space. space for more people (since our families live out of state, we never have enough room for additional passengers when they are in town or if we go to visit them), space for more stuff when we travel, etc. so…. we bought a freakin’ MINIVAN! am i serious??? Yes.I.Am.

for those of you who have known me for any length of time, you know that i said i would never drive a ‘mommy mobile’. i thought i’d just buy bigger SUVs as the space was needed. well… for multiple reasons (notwithstanding the expense of purchasing & driving a large SUV), i didn’t stay on that plan. but, at least i made it all the way to age 31 before i got mine. many of my friends were driving them in their mid 20s!

<--- here is my old cool car (montero sport)
we ended up getting a 2008 Honda Odyssey… the color is slate. we are going on vacation to florida in august. i’m sure that will be the point when i ‘fall in love’ with it as everyone tells me i am going to do!

here is the first ever ‘brand new’ car of mine—>

could i make a minivan look any cooler??? (agree or don’t… i’m really just trying to convince myself here!!)

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Quinn woke up in the middle of the night last weekend crying. Chuck got up & met him in the hall way. He screamed, “I hult (interpret: hurt) myself!!”. Chuck got him back in the bed & asleep. The next morning, after he got in his booster seat for breakfast, I noticed it. His first shiner!

I couldn’t believe it! As any of you with youngchildren know, it is difficult to get the true story from a 2 1/2 year old. If you give Quinn choices, he tends to choose the last one most of the time. “Did you run into something or did you fall out of the bed & hurt it?” The story he now tells is, “I ‘hult’ it on my bed.” We’ll leave it that I guess.

Trip took swim lessons for the last 2 weeks at a local pool. Our sitter, Ms. Chris, took him every morning along with 2 of her kids. It was fairly elementary stuff, but more to get the kids comfortable in the water & learn the basics of kicking & moving their arms. They really didn’t ‘swim’ at all, on their own, but it was just a beginners class. He had an absolute blast & is definitely our water bug. I can’t wait until we go to the beach in 3 weeks so he can practice & maybe even put it altogether & actually swim on his own. Here are a few pics:
(trip on the far right) practicing their kicks

practicing moving the water ‘out of my way’,
(trip is now on the left)
video of normal water play
trying to put it together on the noodle (the teacher was in the way of him doing good ‘ice cream scoop’ strokes):

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We had a busy 4th of July weekend! Chuck’s parents came up to spend the holiday weekend with us. We had a great time with them. We started Independence day with bagels from St. Louis Bread Co (the best bagels EVER)… thanks to Chuck & Charles for running out to get those! We headed to O’Fallon for a parade. It was a really long parade (almost 2 hours) but it was a lot of fun. It was Trip & Quinn’s first parade!! They had a blast watching all of the floats & people go by & especially LOVED when candy was tossed their way! We ended up with a lot of candy, 3 large flags, coupons, etc. A great time was had by all.

After lunch & naps, they boys put on swimsuits & played in their new “Water Park” that Mimi & Pawpaw brought for them. They both had a really fun time splashing around, running & jumping, sliding, etc. in the water.

After dinner, we ended up in downtown St. Charles for the fireworks show. It was WAY past Trip & Quinn’s bedtime, but they did really well overall. After waiting in line for a LONG time, we finally ended up getting the Funnel Cakes I was salivating over and they were YUMMY! Trip wasn’t so sure at first, but after the first warm bite, he was hooked!! Quinn was terrified of the fireworks (we were fairly close to where they were being set off). He wore ear muff hearing protection to protect his sensitive ears, but he still cried on & off throughout the firework display. Not sure if it was the noise, the fear of them “getting him” or just being up 3 hours past bedtime! The rest of us had fun, though!

On the 6th of July, we went to a Freedom Fest put on by a Christian organization. It wasn’t all it was cracked up to be, but we did enjoy seeing the tethered hot air balloon. We watched them set it up from start to finish. I wanted to go for a quick ride (only about 30 feet off the ground), but we decided the line was too long & were ready to leave. Hope all of you had a fantastic 4th of July, too! May God continue to bless America!

Enjoy the slideshow (*disclaimer* if the pictures seem sideways & cut off, try to delete your cache, then refresh your page…. this should make it work):

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well… lots going on around here the last month or so & i have been too lazy to post. my parents were here for 3 weeks in may to early june while our babysitter was in Russia adopting their 5th kid (the 2nd adoptee). She is 11 yrs old, her name is Maria (nickname is Masha). She is an adorable little girl… so bright eyed & sweet. She is starting to warm up to me now (before she wouldn’t say anything even when I practiced the Russian phrases I learned online for her). Yesterday when I picked up the boys, she stood right by me as I climbed in my car & chatted with Miss Chris… literally, i couldn’t shut my door b/c she was standing so close… it was really sweet!

my dad & i both celebrated our birthdays while they were here. that was a rare treat!! here are a couple of pics from each:

mom & dad kept they boys busy with trips to the Magic House (our children’s museum) & Missouri Childrens Botanical Garden. They also visited our local park a couple of times. I am so thankful for their willingness to come up for 3 weeks to help out with the kids (& us) while Chris was gone to Russia.

while Mom & Dad were here, we took them to a River City Rascals game (a minor league baseball team that plays about 15 minutes away). When we walked in the gate, a girl who worked there asked Trip if he wanted to race Rascal (the mascot) around the bases. Trip, my shy cautious firstborn, said with head & eyes tilted to the ground, “nope”. After we walked in a few steps, I kneeled down & asked him again if he wanted to go on the field & race Rascal. He said, “OK, I will”. We talked about how he didn’t have to if he didn’t want to, but he walked back over to the girl & said, “I changed my mind. I want to race Rascal!” In the fourth inning, she came to our seats & took Trip to the dugout. We waited there for 1/2 an inning & then he walked out to 2nd base w/her & Rascal (they raced from 2nd base to home plate). I WAS SO PROUD!!! I really thought he would flip out 1/2 way to 2nd base, pitch a fit, & run back to me completely embarrassed… boy did he prove me wrong!

Here is the video…

So… he started a little early, but can you blame him??? … that Rascal is HUGE!! As soon as he came off the field, he said, “Mom, I beat him even though his legs were a lot longer”. And then when we got home, I showed him the video…. *duhn, duhn, duhn*…. he had no idea that the Hot Dog had knocked Rascal over during the race!! (OOPS) He said, “Mama, that was kind of cheating, wasn’t it?” I agreed but reminded him that he was winning the race when it happened & probably would have won anyway!!

We also got to spend an evening with the Willis family in May when they came down to pick up their engine-troubled van. The kids played & had a blast while we chatted with Brenda & Jason. We went out to eat with them (like we often did before they moved back to Iowa) and had a good visit. Jason thrilled my kids with the extreme ketchup squirt trick (now they insist that I squirt their ketchup from as high above the plate as I can!! thanks for that one Jason :0)

i love this pic of the kids:
Quinn, Ally, Trip, & Drew

Trip & Quinn wrestled with Grandpap a lot and I think the old man had a blast with the boys.

last summer when my parents were here, my dad bought them a slip-n-slide. trip tried it a couple of times & did not like it at all. we got it out a couple of weeks ago & my-oh-my how a year can change things. that kid was AMAZING!! here are a couple of pics & a video!

no pics of quinn on said slip-n-slide. he reacted like trip did last year… not a fan AT all! maybe next year…

the video:

quinn is well on his way to being potty trained… pray for our patience. i’ll post on that when the deed is done!!