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yep… that’s right! we are announcing that there will be another Scoggins joining our family around December 1st!

we’ve known for about 5 1/2 weeks, but wanted to wait until we got a healthy confirmation from the doctor before we spilled the beans to the masses due to some early health issues. one week before we found out i was with child, i had a major migraine that appears once every 3-5 years. not knowing that i was pregnant, i took the maximum dose of midrine i was allowed to take to quiet the headache dragon. then, a week after i found out i was pregnant, i came down with a case of strep throat. though my doctor (and everyone else) would completely scold me, i did not take my full treatment of antibiotics… terrible, i know. i felt like poo (morning sickness most of my waking hours) and didn’t really want to risk throwing up by trying to choke down my pills.

with both of those things in mind, i was a little anxious to make sure the baby was ok and that there was a heartbeat before we shared our great news. we got the thumbs up from my incredible OB/GYN, Dr. Brondz, last week along with an ultrasound to confirm the due date.

I am 11 weeks along. i am really hoping for a girl this time around, but as i keep reminding trip & quinn, we may just end up being a three boy family! the boys are super excited. trip actually fell in the floor with a huge grin on his face when we told them. quinn will be 4 years old and trip will practically be 6 years old when this exciting bundle arrives. i hope that they will be great helpers.

these are hard to really see any detail, but the baby is head up. if you click to enlarge, you may be able to see the left arm (just below the head) and the feet are kind of sticking up in front of her/him at the bottom. we did get to see the heartbeat (it was hard for me to see on a baby that was only 1.25 inches long, but chuck & igor both saw it). dr. brondz got really excited at one point when the baby’s left arm seemed to be waiving (or at least fluttering).

babies… truly a miracle from the Lord!! thank you Lord for this baby you have given us. keep him/her safe, healthy, and strong.

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my heart is so full, yet sad at the same time. we found out today that Quinn has a pretty bad case of Strep Throat. he has had fevers off and on since Sunday night and complaining that he has to throw up. the doctor said that there is a strain of strep going around that is causing the high fevers and vomiting.

chuck is gone to care group and the boys have been in bed for over an hour. i was playing on Facebook when i heard a noise. since chuck isn’t home and no t.v.s are on, i ran upstairs to see if it was one of the boys. halfway up the steps, i realized it was quinn calling out for me.

i walked in their room half expecting him to be laying in vomit. instead, as i leaned over his bed, he said, “mom, i need you to pray for me” in the saddest little voice. my heart is full knowing that my three year old son understands that God can help us when we are sick and that prayer was his only request for himself. at the same time, it makes me sad to know that he feels so terrible and there is nothing that I can do for him. oh that my faith could be like his. that it would be my first thought to take it to the Lord….

i seriously love that kid.

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Trip: Mom, once again Quinn is NOT helping clean up down here.

Me (shouting upstairs): Quinn get back down here and help your brother clean up!

Quinn (the sassy one… today): Well, can he NOT clean up by his self???

The sad fact is that not only CAN trip clean up by himself, he almost always has to. He is much more focused than Quinn and can carry a task to completion. 30 seconds into a clean up job, Quinn is side tracked & can usually be found in another room playing with one of the toys he was supposed to be putting away. Though he may not be able to complete a task on his own, he sure can do one thing well….. sass me! Is that an inherited trait?

P.S. I know you are laughing about this one Mama! Sounds like a conversation you and I could have had 28 years ago, huh?

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Quinn, aka “The Rooster”, magically awakes EVERY DAY at the exact second the sunlight breaks the horizon or maybe even a few minutes before. Maybe not a big deal if you don’t require much sleep. I, however, require a lot of sleep. I usually try to get between 9-10 hours a night. Also, not a big deal, if he didn’t share a room with his older brother, who also requires a lot of sleep. (And this same older brother will be starting kindergarten in 4 months, no longer getting naps… yikes!)

So, in trying to help The Rooster learn to stay in bed and be quiet, we bought an alternate version of the Sun and Moon called the Good Nite Light. Basically, it is a night light with an alarm. You set the time for the kiddos bedtime (7:30 pm at our house) and at that time each night, the Moon (blue face with zzzz’s surrounding his face) comes out signaling bedtime.

You also can set a time for the Sun to shine signaling that it is ok to Wake Up (7:20 am at our house… please… I am begging for a few more minutes of sleep!!!). When the morning ‘alarm’ lights up, the face turns orange with yellowish flamey rays. Cute, huh?

The night we got it, Chuck’s mom came into town. Since she is the original Rooster, it didn’t really work to keep the kids in bed until 7:20am. I am hoping we can begin the ‘training’ tonight.

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on Valentine’s Day the boys are always blessed by their grandparents (much more than they are by us… sadly!). this year, Mimi & Pawpaw sent a package with a note that said to wait until V-Day to open. for some reason, I didn’t take any pictures of the package opening or the goodies, but that’s ok, i guess, since the boys opened their goodies in front of their grandparents LIVE via skype (a free video conferencing service). you gotta love skype! for grandparents that live 9ish hours away to be able to live chat with video as their grandsons open a gift is really great thing for us!

my mom had jury duty the week before V-Day (and ended up sitting on a jury… which is wierd because my family is always dismissed since my dad is a {now retired} police officer). she ran out of time to put together a Valentine package for the boys, so she called my friend Julie (who started her own cookie business) and asked her to make V-day cookies instead. julie did a great job as usual…. here are some pics of the cookies that Gram & Grandpap sent.

Muscle Men
chuck was out tonight at the church baptism, so I took the boys out for our weekly Scoggins family Sunday Night Ice Cream Night by myself. i was feeling very generous, and probably quite crazy, so i bought each of them their own ice cream cone (usually chuck & i each get an ice cream and the boys share with us). we’ll probably go back to that since quinn probably didn’t eat two thirds of his ice cream and cone. i’m not sure if it was the ice cream or what, but there was a lot of silliness when we got back home. we tested our voices with a helium balloon and then they both took their shirts off to show me how strong they are. here are my muscle men….

and just in case you wanted to hear my helium version of “Row, Row, Row your boat” (the boys requested it)….. here it is: