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most of you probably know that my dad loves hats… especially cowboy hats! he bought this one for Trip when he was a baby and got it out last night for Quinn. Here he is composing his first song on the music table…. hopefully it won’t be a country song!!

and here he is enjoying his first Diet Coke… (not really, but he did like holding the bottle)

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so, i was in a wedding in may and am in another in october. in addition to those, we have been invited to 5 other weddings this summer. so what! so, i became curious. curious about what? about getting married again?? no, but close. i became curious as to whether or not i could still fit into my wedding dress. i mean, it has been almost 6 years since i first wore the dress and i have had 2 kids since that wonderful September day when i became a mrs.

tonight i tried it on. i was nervous about whether or not it was going to zip. i asked chuck for help. he said, “oh it’ll be no problem” in response to my doubt about it zipping. he is a kind (& smart) man. well, after sucking in my gut as much as i could, it finally zipped. chuck took some pictures to prove it. it was definitely tighter than it was on my wedding day. it didn’t lay quite right around my belly region & my milk producing breasts are slightly larger also, but at least i got the darn thing on. i really love that dress and am now up for a challenge. i have never been one to really work out, but i have a new goal to try to fit back into the dress properly. anway… here are the pics:

and yes, it is zipped all the way

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couldn’t resist adding this picture of quinn from yesterday. i thought it was too cute not to post, though it has nothing to do with my entry below.

we haven’t had much to report lately in the scoggins household.

but this just in…. trip is working on his 3rd day in underwear! i never thought i’d see this day & don’t know if he’ll continue this good streak, but i am ecstatic we have made it this far. he has had 2 or 3 minor accidents where he starts to pee & then realizes it, stops peeing & tells us that he is wet…. each time his underwear has just barely been wet. he is still wearing diapers for naptime & bedtime, but we are on our way to shop for Spiderman & Batman underwear tomorrow! (his reward for doing so well). he still cries & pitches a fit when i make him stop playing to use the potty, but the Lord seems to be granting me the patience to deal with it & the perseverance to not give up on him. so… pray for us… i have decided that potty training IS just as much, if not more, about the parent than it is about the child.

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here are a few pics of our new pool with the water in. you can compare it to my previous post. trip loves it & would probably swim all day everyday if we would let him. he has already ditched his “swimmies”. (click on the pictures to enlarge)

after just a couple of days, trip has become fearless

here he is jumping off of the ladder.

quinn, on the other hand, was not such a big fan of the pool! he cried the whole 2 minutes he was in. as much as trip loves to be in the water, i hope quinn eventually learns to love it, too!!

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chuck’s grandmother & mom wanted to buy a pool for trip & quinn for the summer. i was thinking of a little plastic kids pool. chuck weighed in on the situation & he was thinking a humongous plastic pool. sharon & i went & bought it yesterday. when we got to the store, sharon actually wanted to get a bigger one, but i didn’t think it would fit on our patio. this one barely fits with a little room to walk around. trip couldn’t wait to get in as you can see by the pictures. he got in while it was still filling up.

it finally filled up all the way last night. it is a little over 3 feet deep. trip’s feet can touch the bottom of it, but when he loses his balance, he still goes under pretty easily. i’ll post more pictures of it filled up later.