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since the leaves have been falling off in droves at our house, we have been spending some time outside the last few days. trip loves to play in the leaves & quinn loves to try & eat them. trip will run from as far back as he can get & jump into the leaf pile. we pretty much have to keep the rake out since he spreads the leaves out every time he jumps!!!!!!! enjoy these photos from today…

it looks like trip is explaining to quinn about the changing of the leaves & the fall season…
quinn is giving his brother his famous “tongue kiss”
quinn is really enjoying his time outside & likes to pick up the leaves. we just have to watch him closely because he tries to eat them if you aren’t watching him closely enough.
quinn looks suprised by something…
trip loves to jump in the leaf piles. it was hard to get him to be still long enough to snap any pics.

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we had our annual church picnic last sunday. they have it at a local park & invite the fire department to come out & let the kids “play” on the truck (along with other activities). trip was fascinated!! he always notices firetrucks on the road, so he was really excited to be able to “drive” one…. if only for a minute. the firemen were so nice & gave Trip & Quinn fire helmets. since then, he wants to play “fire fire”. at first i wasn’t sure why he was saying the same thing twice, but then i figured out that he was trying to say “fire fighter”. we pretend to drive the truck using a wipes case as a steering wheel & we use a red plastic bat as a water hose to put out fires. what an imagination!!

don’t i look great driving this firetruck? the fireman even adjusted the steering wheel & the seat so it was the perfect height for me!

i like my fire helmet, but something about it keeps bugging me!

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i haven’t been so good at posting lately, so i thought i’d just add a few pics from the last couple of months. the boys are growing like crazy & are both in Mother’s Day Out at the church on Tuesdays & Fridays. Trip LOVES it & Quinn doesn’t really know enough to have an opinion, but seems to be adjusting pretty well to the new schedule (only 1 nap per day at MDO). anyway, these pics are pretty random & the matching comment is just below each picture.

quinn struggling to keep his head up in the baby boat

trip decorating cookies with Gram (although, she somehow alluded the camera, once again)

if quinn was able to move around more, the boys would probably be able to play together even more… for now, though, bathtime is a super fun playtime together!

one good thing about a 10 mth old who still can’t crawl is that he can sit (perfectly still) on the kitchen counter & entertain himself while i cook dinner…. a feat my nephew Eli hasn’t been able to do since he was about 3 mths old :0)

trip got his hair trimmed yesterday & the lady put red hair gel in his hair after she cut it. he loved it!

he said, “i have red head”!

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most of you may not know this, but i am up for the mother of the year in the 3 & under category!! WORST mother of the year, that is!! just kidding, but i do feel like a horrible mom a lot of the time. if i had the time, i could probably think of many bad things that i have done, but these 2 recent incidents are coming to mind. the following 2 situations are not my proudest moments, but help me in my race for WMOTY:

Trip: a few weeks ago this energized 2 3/4 year old ran full speed thru our kitchen & then jumped as far as he could (picture the olympic long jump) onto our pergo floor. his pace was a little more than he could handle & he fell when he landed. when he decided to try again, i thought i’d catch him b/c i didn’t want him to really hurt himself. i caught him, he laughed & i threw him over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes. he decided to try & crawl down my back. (stay with me here, my horrible mom thing is coming up quickly…) i decided to oblige him & lowered him steadily down my back until i was holding only his feet at my shoulders & his head was just below my butt. i decided to let go with one hand so i could reach around & grab his leg behind me, (this is the bad part…) but when i let go with one hand i lost my grip & he plummeted, HEAD first onto our wood floor. he screamed & within an instant i reached down to pick him up (snatch him up is closer to the truth) to console him & apologize. he kept screaming & i realized that i probably shouldn’t have picked him up so quickly b/c he could have a broken neck with the way he hit the floor. long story coming to an end, i didn’t not paralyze or seriously injure this precious child of mine, but my thoughtlessness in the situation hopefully will never be repeated. although, if anyone ever thinks he is odd & asks if someone once dropped him on his head, he can honestly answer “yes”.

Quinn: last week this almost 10 mth old was fussier than usual after i picked him up from the sitter’s house. i nursed him as usual & held him, but nothing seemed to help so i decided maybe he was tired & wanted a nap (though he dropped his late afternoon nap a long time ago). i laid him down in his crib & he fussed a little, but i decided to leave him there & let him cry it out. five minutes later i went back up to check on him since he was still crying. (here is the bad mommy part…) as i walked up to his crib, i noticed a strange orange color all over his sheet. oh… my poor baby had PUKED & was laying in it. i don’t know how he did it, but he even had vomit on his left shoulderblade (unsure how he threw up on his own back since i had laid him on his belly & he was still on his belly when i walked back in there). once again, i felt terrible & had to put him in the bath to get him cleaned up.

so…….nominate me, vote for me, choose me…. for Worst Mother of the Year…