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What a great day! I started out a little sad that it was just going to be the five of us hanging out today. I was wishing we could celebrate with family or friends and was worried today would be just like any other Sunday. Instead of ordinary, today has been pretty special!

We went to church this morning to celebrate our risen Jesus, corporately. They didn’t have childcare for kindergarten and up, so Trip sat in big church with us. I was glad the church passed out a coloring book & crayons to keep the kiddos busy. This was one of the pages Trip colored:
WOW! He did this completely on his own! My heart smiles to hear my big boys explain in their terms the events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They will also tell you that Jesus did all of this because He loves us so much! You said it, buddy! Jesus loves you!! I await the day when you are aware of your sinful nature and ask Jesus to be your Savior! You are off to a great understanding of His love!

After church, we came home to a yummy lunch of pot roast & yeast rolls. Mealtimes are always such a hassle and we fight at almost every meal trying to get them (mostly Quinn) to eat. But they both ate really well!! Though there is clearly no comparison to the risen Christ, that in itself was a pretty big miracle!!

We tried to get a few family pictures in our color coordinated outfits, but that is always an iffy proposition. It is a beautiful day, but a bit windy! Since there was no one operating the camera in the all-Scoggins picture (it was on a timer), there was no one to get Webb’s attention. Here are a few of the ones we got:

Webb has also enjoyed his first Easter (at least the parts where he has been awake). He did get a few things from the Easter bunny, but only 1 was a toy (he also got some baby spoons & fruit puffs for when he starts on solid foods in a couple of months). He totally loves his tiger toy! Here are a few pics of him enjoying it:

While he was on the boppy, he started kicking his legs & propelling forward. I slid him back down & then turned the video camera on when I noticed his legs kicking again. Check this out…(disregard my snorting)

WHAT??? I am not ready for him to become mobile! I am hoping this coordinated movement is just a fluke… of course I thought the same thing when he woke up flipped over on his back a couple of weeks ago. He flips himself over every time he wakes up now…. yikes!!

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Webb McBrayer Scoggins was born on Friday, November 20, 2009 at 12:50pm. He was officially due on December 1, but I asked to be induced early.

The birth story: The induction process was pretty smooth except for the 2 times I passed out right before and during the process of getting my I.V. started. Everyone in the room except me (including the 2 nurses, lab tech, and anesthesiologist, and Chuck) were all pretty freaked out about my fainting spells. All this went down right at shift change and the 2 new nurses came in when the anesthesiologist was about to “try” to get my I.V. in for the 3rd time. The no-nonsense nurse came around, found a vein right away, told me “do not move” and then got the needle in with no problems. She was my hero! Dr. Brondz came in about 30 minutes later, said I was dialated to 2 cm and broke my water. The contractions started coming soon after, but were bearable. After a while, they started to get fairly uncomfortable, so I called for the epidural. The nurses checked me a couple more times over the next few hours. Around 12:30, they declared me “complete” and ready to push. They called Dr. Brondz, got the bed ready and I began to push. After 2 pushes, Webb was born!!! We decided since this was the last grandchild on either side, we would let our Moms be in the delivery room if they wanted. They both jumped at the chance and I think were fairly surprised when it was over so quickly!

The stats: Webb weighed a healthy 8 lbs 5oz and was 22 inches long. He has a lot of dark hair and looks a lot like his biggest brother, Trip.

The worst part: Because of the H1N1 flu outbreak, no children under 18 were allowed in the hospital at all… not even siblings. I cried a lot of silent tears that day over Trip & Quinn not being able to come to the hospital to meet their baby brother and to see me. At dinner that night, Trip was crying for me and he cried on the phone with me on Saturday, too. That broke my heart. After I heard that you can be discharged after 24 hours (if both Mom & Baby are doing well), I asked the nurse and the discharge process began. A few hours later, we were driving into the driveway and I was being knocked to the ground (literally) by my sons! They were so excited to meet their baby brother!

Here are some pictures from the first few days:

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Trip is so happy to FINALLY meet Webb!

Q was sick, so he had to wear a mask

WELCOME TO OUR FAMILY WEBB!! You are already loved greatly!

(P.S. I had serious intentions to get this post up before Webb was 2 weeks old. In 2 days, he’ll be 8 weeks old… dang it. So sorry baby… I’ll try to better with your other life accomplishments!)

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so, i’m living in a house full of men (well… 1 man and soon to be 3 boys). tonight, completely on their own, they all went to work.

before dinner I asked Trip to get his mini broom and dustpan to sweep up all of the tiny pieces of mesh that fell on the floor earlier as he cut up the bracelet he made in Sunday School this morning. while sweeping, he said, “this is fun” and proceeded to sweep (on hands and knees) the rest of the kitchen floor. at some point, Quinn grabbed his mini broom & dustpan and helped sweep crumbs and dirt, too.

after dinner, Trip asked me for a wet paper towel so he could wash the walls. i’m not even kidding. i had to hold myself back from laughing, but gave him and Quinn wet washcloths instead. those two boys proceeded to wipe down just about everything they could reach. all of the walls in our house from about 3 1/2 feet down have been wiped. they also wiped the cabinets, banister, door frames, and then the baseboards. huh-larious. i kept chuckling to myself the entire time. i didn’t think to take any pictures until they were almost done with the baseboards. i just got this one…

in the meantime, earlier today, Chuck and I were discussing the fact that our bathtub has been leaking down into our unfinished basement for over 2 months now (off and on – and only dripping while the shower is running). we had a plumber come out when we first noticed it, but he was unable to determine the cause of the leak and told us to call again if we noticed it. almost 2 months later, we haven’t called him back, but it is still leaking some. Chuck decided today that he would go try to caulk around the faucet plate and the handle to see if water was being splashed behind there and running down to cause the leak. during this discussion, i mentioned to him that i would love for him to put in a new sink faucet and drain hardware at some point, too. i didn’t intend for him to do it today, but i guess he figured now was as good of time as any. especially since we are about to have a lot of company in the next few days when the baby arrives (more on that later). after a few hours of hard work (and a lot of cleaning… our sink drain was unbelievably corroded and so foul I couldn’t look at the sludgy mess), it is done. he also decided to caulk around the countertop while he was at it. i caught this picture of him. he was laughing because i told him that i needed picture of my men working.

maybe living in a house full of men will have it’s perks after all…

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I hate heartburn. there. i just needed to say that. maybe it means boy #3 will have as much hair as boy #1… we all know that boy #2 got jipped in the hair dept compared to #1. it will be interesting to see the comparison!

off to chug a glass of milk.