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Last Thursday night, we got over 2 inches of sleet before we went to bed & then woke up with another couple of inches of snow on top of the ice. Being from the great state of Georgia, I didn’t grow up seeing much snow & certainly didn’t have to try to drive on it. It definitely made for an interesting commute to work on Friday! Here are some pictures from the last couple of days. (depending on your web browser, the layout of this post may look strange. i have tried correcting it, but if i fix it in mozilla browser, then explorer looks odd & vice versa… i’ll fix the post when i have more time if i can)

this is just the sleet that had accumulated before we went to bed. (notice the pool toys still out…. anyone for a swim?)

Our first ever Frosty the snowman! Trip and I built this snowman on Saturday while Chuck was working at the church & Quinn was napping.

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finally… the long awaited birthday party photos are here. my baby turned 1 on Nov. 7th. it is hard to believe a year has passed already. the first photo was taken minutes after he was born, the rest are from his birthday party. enjoy! (click on each of the images to enlarge them. i loaded them as small images to reduce the size of the blog)

the family

oops… forgot to unbutton the last button before pulling his shirt off to avoid a mess… sorry kiddo! i wasn’t trying to take your head off, i promise! (p.s. way to catch my mishap on film, rob)

trip giving quinn a lick of icing… he is a sweet big brother!

double fisting the cake

opening gifts – our friend jolie & trip were supervising

our friend michelle took the pics below… the angles & quality of her pics are a million times better than the pics i took. i could have uploaded a lot more, but decided to limit it to 3 of my favs…..

thanks michelle!!!!!!!

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so…. i barely have any hair at all (compared to the lush locks my older brother has), but the thin blonde hair i do have seems to have a mind of it’s own. i sweat alot while i sleep, so my hair is always looking pretty crazy when i wake up. since i am turning 1 year old tomorrow, my mom decided it was finally time to get my first haircut & get that crazy hair under control! see some of the before, during, & after shots below!! love, quinn

my gram couldn’t resist taking this pic when we were in New Jersey. this is all natural, we couldn’t make this up if we tried!

after my nap one day last week….. this is how i always look after my naps!

i know i look crazy, but i don’t EVEN care!

mama & dada let me eat animal crackers while i got my haircut

the hair is coming off….

i got to sit in the firetruck while she cut my hair. i didn’t mind the haircut & tried to drive it some in between the snacks
here is the final product (mama didn’t get any good pics at the salon)
i look handsome!

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Sorry it took me so long to publish this post. I started on Halloween night, but i guess every other blogger user was also trying to upload pics & post that night & the next day, because i had a terrible time trying to get my pics on. almost a week after Halloween, here they are! we didn’t go Trick-or-Treating as the church held their annual Family Fall Festival. they set up games in just about every room in the church & have HUGE inflatables in the gym. the kids get candy for just being there & also for trying any of the games. it is alot of fun & the church usually sees a few thousand people coming thru the doors that night. i think the boys had a great time & we enjoyed the fact that we were inside, warm & cozy.

my boys on their 1st Halloween together.

Quinn was Spiderman this year for Halloween (recognize the costume? it was trip’s from 2 years ago…. stinks to be the 2nd kid, same gender, born the same time of year…. but don’t tell him!)

Trip was a cowboy this year for Halloween

quinn wants to share trip’s candy with you

trip enjoying his popcorn snack (courtesy of ms. chris)

trip & his cowgirl-friend, ally

tyler, austin, quinn, & trip

quinn & trip with the bucket of halloween spoils

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along with his graphic & website work at the church, chuck is now also heading up the video productions (along with 2 guys he was able to get hired on full time). click on chuck’s blog & see his video from this past sunday’s services. it is a kid interview video that includes trip & quinn. chuck’s blog