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well… this post is a bit late since quinn finally decided to become mobile a little over a month ago. yes…. he was 13 months old before he got his tail up & moving. he started out just before trip’s birthday crawling just to get to something & then would stop & sit for a looong time. he still didn’t understand that he could move from room to room. right before Christmas, he became more mobile & when we arrived at my parent’s house on the 23rd, he took off right away. i don’t know if he was eager to explore a new place or if he just didn’t want to let us get out of his sight, but he was everywhere… all of the sudden! it was about time! for the last week or so, he has discovered a new method of mobility. on the hardwood floors (& sometimes on carpet, though the traction makes it hard to pick up any speed) he has started doing what Ms. Chris affectionately calls the “Butt Scootin’ Boogie”. it is hilarious to see this butt scooting, (i am laughing as i type this b/c he is moving across our office carpet on his butt right now.) i have no idea why this has become his preferred way to travel, especially since it is much slower than his normal crawl. the only reason i can come up with is because he sat still for 7 months with no movement & is probably used to viewing the world from that position. anyway… i have attached 2 videos for your viewing pleasure. one is of his normal crawl & the other is the humorous butt scootin’ boogie.

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if you have watched the news this past week, you may have heard about the 13 year old boy, Ben Ownby who has been missing since Monday from a small town not too far from us. missing children cases happen all of the time, but rarely does one turn out like this one did. last night, they found the boy in an apartment less than an hour away from his home after a police officer saw a truck fitting the description of the one they were looking for (they got the info on the truck from a 16 year schoolmate of Ben’s who had ridden the same bus home right before he went missing). when they went into the apartment of the truck owner, they found the 13 year old boy alive & seemingly in good health. PRAISE THE LORD!!! if that isn’t fantastic news for the boy & his family, even more PHENOMENAL is that another boy was there in the apartment as well…. 15 year old Shawn Hornbeck who has been missing for 4 1/2 years from another small town also not far from us! He was abducted when he was 11 years old & has been kept “hostage” for all of this time. He was reunited with his family last night as well. I know they got the shock of their lives when they heard that he was alive! It is such a bizarre story with such an incredible outcome. I have been glued to the t.v today watching the press conferences from local news & even watching footage from the national news shows. For more info, click on the link below the picture for the story from our local news station. Pray for both boys as they deal with what has happened to them… especially Shawn who has spent over 4 years of his life in captivity. He has a long road of psychological recovery ahead of him.

Ben Ownby/Shawn Hornbeck

for more info, click here

on a lighter note… after a pretty mild winter (except for the one big snow dump in early december), temperatures dropped drastically last night & produced freezing rain that coated everthing. it looks like an icy wonderland in our yard, not so much the case right next door at our neighbors’ house.

a tree in our back yard

our neighbors have a huge tree in front that couldn’t hold up under the weight of the ice. at 4:20am this morning, some of the branches snapped & fell on their house & cars. i took these pictures this morning. they had a lot of the limbs cut off today, but a lot still lay on the house. we spoke with them tonight & thankfully there is minimal damage to the house from what they can tell, but we are having more freezing rain tonight.

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we had a crazy christmas again this year driving thru 1/2 the country (or so it seemed) to see everyone. my mom & i drove the boys 13 hours to her house on the 23rd while chuck & my dad made the journey in about 11 1/2 hours on christmas eve (chuck had to stay for christmas eve services). on the 27th, we drove 5 hours to chuck’s parents’ house to celebrate christmas with them & got to see a lot of his family throughout our time there. we left new years day and made the 9+ hour drive back to missouri. we had a great time at home, though i wish we could have spent more time with everyone. thanks for all of the gifts, food, & love you gave us. i didn’t take many pics over the holidays, but here are a few….

i hardly took any pics at the scoggins house, but i loved this one of pawpaw getting some “head sugar” from quinn.

here is one of grandpap & his 3 boys (my mom now buys pj’s for everyone at christmas each year… except i don’t think josh or chuck got any this time… that may be because I am Sweet Baby#1 & maybe Nikki has moved into Sweet Baby#2 position. i guess #3 & #4 don’t get any new pj’s).

here is a lovely shot of my sister (in-law) and me in our matching pj’s & our blankets that my dad got us (but told us we had to leave there since we both are constantly in need of a blanket when we are on the couch). this is the only photo in existence of just me & nik together (that i know of).

2nd annual dress the boys in the same outfit photo… thanks for the sweaters mama… the boys look sooooo cute! (side note: see how trip is holding eli’s arm… he did not want to sit still & trip took it upon himself to try to keep eli on the step. and thanks to connie for the spiderman tatoos…. trip loved them & had to get one on his hand christmas morning!)

t & q in their christmas pj’s (from ms. chris :0)

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we took the boys to see jolly Old Saint Nick today at the mall. trip was so excited before we went, but i was unsure of how he would react once it was time to climb in the old guy’s lap. he did pretty well. he has his normal stunned look (couldn’t get a smile out of him). quinn did really well, too. i thought he might scream, but he didn’t seem to care. trip had practiced saying what he wanted for christmas, but didn’t utter a peep when the time came. he also told chuck he was going to sing “jingle bells” for santa, but no such luck on that either. anyway, here is the pic i got from my camera… yeah, i stood off to the side & snapped pics to see if i could get a better one than the ones that cost us about $9 each. i wasn’t sure if the elves would fuss at me for taking my own pics, but i didn’t really care.

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on december 7th, trip turned 3 years old! wow!! and somehow, his turning 3 has made me become a sap. as i drove him to the sitter’s house that morning, i told him that i have loved him for 3 whole years. as i said it, my eyes began to well up with tears & i cried the rest of the way there. what has happened to me? who have i become? i laugh at people who cry when they take their child to daycare the first time (even at you nikki) or when they take their child to kindergarten on the first day of school. and here i am squalling about absolutely nothing… this birthday isn’t even a milestone birthday. crazy sap!! …. anyway, here are some pics to celebrate my big kid. (i was going to include a hospital pic from the day he was born, but there weren’t any good ones where you could really see him well. so i included the pic below that was taken just after a bath). enjoy!!

this was taken at home when trip was 9 days old

I’m 3 (notice his fingers. he always does it this way. we
didn’t teach him that, but it always makes me smile)
my pirate ship from gram & grandpap
(i was talking to gram on the phone)
my easel from mimi & pawpaw
trip with his homemade pull apart cupcake cake (he’ll probably make fun of this cake when he gets older. don’t worry mama, i won’t be upset. i deserve it)
trip licking icing off the cupcake
quinn enjoying his piece of the cake

me & mommy
me & daddy