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yep… that’s right! we are announcing that there will be another Scoggins joining our family around December 1st!

we’ve known for about 5 1/2 weeks, but wanted to wait until we got a healthy confirmation from the doctor before we spilled the beans to the masses due to some early health issues. one week before we found out i was with child, i had a major migraine that appears once every 3-5 years. not knowing that i was pregnant, i took the maximum dose of midrine i was allowed to take to quiet the headache dragon. then, a week after i found out i was pregnant, i came down with a case of strep throat. though my doctor (and everyone else) would completely scold me, i did not take my full treatment of antibiotics… terrible, i know. i felt like poo (morning sickness most of my waking hours) and didn’t really want to risk throwing up by trying to choke down my pills.

with both of those things in mind, i was a little anxious to make sure the baby was ok and that there was a heartbeat before we shared our great news. we got the thumbs up from my incredible OB/GYN, Dr. Brondz, last week along with an ultrasound to confirm the due date.

I am 11 weeks along. i am really hoping for a girl this time around, but as i keep reminding trip & quinn, we may just end up being a three boy family! the boys are super excited. trip actually fell in the floor with a huge grin on his face when we told them. quinn will be 4 years old and trip will practically be 6 years old when this exciting bundle arrives. i hope that they will be great helpers.

these are hard to really see any detail, but the baby is head up. if you click to enlarge, you may be able to see the left arm (just below the head) and the feet are kind of sticking up in front of her/him at the bottom. we did get to see the heartbeat (it was hard for me to see on a baby that was only 1.25 inches long, but chuck & igor both saw it). dr. brondz got really excited at one point when the baby’s left arm seemed to be waiving (or at least fluttering).

babies… truly a miracle from the Lord!! thank you Lord for this baby you have given us. keep him/her safe, healthy, and strong.

5 Responses to “to THREE or not to THREE is no longer a question…”

  1. Jillian

    So who are the three out of the four that want it to be a girl??? I am so happy for you guys and I know you are not going to find out but if you carry high like me you probably have a girl!! And if she steals your looks(like Emerson is doing to me) then she is probably a girl:) YAY!! I love all of this baby stuff!!

  2. Gram

    Yeah grandbabies!!! I love them. Thanks to all my children for doubling my number of grandchildren this year. Girl or boy? If it is a girl, we will have 3 boys and 3 girls. If it is a boy, then we will have double the number of boys than girls. Either way Christmas is getting better and better.

  3. Rachel

    so exciting!!! congratulations! your family is going have to have THREE new babies in one year(with Josh’s twins too!) So exciting!


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