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Trip: Mom, once again Quinn is NOT helping clean up down here.

Me (shouting upstairs): Quinn get back down here and help your brother clean up!

Quinn (the sassy one… today): Well, can he NOT clean up by his self???

The sad fact is that not only CAN trip clean up by himself, he almost always has to. He is much more focused than Quinn and can carry a task to completion. 30 seconds into a clean up job, Quinn is side tracked & can usually be found in another room playing with one of the toys he was supposed to be putting away. Though he may not be able to complete a task on his own, he sure can do one thing well….. sass me! Is that an inherited trait?

P.S. I know you are laughing about this one Mama! Sounds like a conversation you and I could have had 28 years ago, huh?

6 Responses to “Sassiness… An Inherited Trait?”

  1. Gram

    I may have shouted once or twice “I hope you have a child just like you!” but I am sure I meant as sweet as you…..

  2. Vogt family

    If it is inherited then I am in for a world of trouble with my daughter!!

  3. mk

    that sounds like our house, emma is much more sassy that daniel (although he has his moments).


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