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Quinn, aka “The Rooster”, magically awakes EVERY DAY at the exact second the sunlight breaks the horizon or maybe even a few minutes before. Maybe not a big deal if you don’t require much sleep. I, however, require a lot of sleep. I usually try to get between 9-10 hours a night. Also, not a big deal, if he didn’t share a room with his older brother, who also requires a lot of sleep. (And this same older brother will be starting kindergarten in 4 months, no longer getting naps… yikes!)

So, in trying to help The Rooster learn to stay in bed and be quiet, we bought an alternate version of the Sun and Moon called the Good Nite Light. Basically, it is a night light with an alarm. You set the time for the kiddos bedtime (7:30 pm at our house) and at that time each night, the Moon (blue face with zzzz’s surrounding his face) comes out signaling bedtime.

You also can set a time for the Sun to shine signaling that it is ok to Wake Up (7:20 am at our house… please… I am begging for a few more minutes of sleep!!!). When the morning ‘alarm’ lights up, the face turns orange with yellowish flamey rays. Cute, huh?

The night we got it, Chuck’s mom came into town. Since she is the original Rooster, it didn’t really work to keep the kids in bed until 7:20am. I am hoping we can begin the ‘training’ tonight.

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  1. Vogt family

    That is the cutest thing EVER!! I will pray that it works for you guys!

  2. Brenda Rae

    Ally is just like Quinn and DRIVES me nuts. She can’t come out of her room until her alarm says 7 something and if she does she has to get books and read in bed. We will see how things go when a baby comes to town.

  3. jasond

    That's really cute. Keep us posted on whether it works or not.

    The ironic thing to me is the time of day I am reading this (4:30am — getting started for the day) versus the time you are hoping to get to sleep until. :>

    Miss you guys!

  4. mk

    i love it!! does it work? if so, where can i get one??? daniel wakes up about 5:30am EVERY day, no matter what time he goes to sleep.

  5. amy

    quick update: it’s not so much working yet… but we’re less than a week in. he has still been getting up before 7:00am. every night with prompting or without, he’ll tell me that he can’t get up until the sun comes on. he knows exactly what he is supposed to do. just hoping he’ll actually follow through and do that which he knows is right soon. really soon.

    there is a link in the post to click on if you want to order one. there not cheap, i’ll warn you. but, if it works…. i’d gladly buy it again!!!!!!!!

  6. mimi

    From the original rooster, it’s just hard to stay in bed after you wake up. I really hope it works for him and you. :)Love ya


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