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on Valentine’s Day the boys are always blessed by their grandparents (much more than they are by us… sadly!). this year, Mimi & Pawpaw sent a package with a note that said to wait until V-Day to open. for some reason, I didn’t take any pictures of the package opening or the goodies, but that’s ok, i guess, since the boys opened their goodies in front of their grandparents LIVE via skype (a free video conferencing service). you gotta love skype! for grandparents that live 9ish hours away to be able to live chat with video as their grandsons open a gift is really great thing for us!

my mom had jury duty the week before V-Day (and ended up sitting on a jury… which is wierd because my family is always dismissed since my dad is a {now retired} police officer). she ran out of time to put together a Valentine package for the boys, so she called my friend Julie (who started her own cookie business) and asked her to make V-day cookies instead. julie did a great job as usual…. here are some pics of the cookies that Gram & Grandpap sent.

Muscle Men
chuck was out tonight at the church baptism, so I took the boys out for our weekly Scoggins family Sunday Night Ice Cream Night by myself. i was feeling very generous, and probably quite crazy, so i bought each of them their own ice cream cone (usually chuck & i each get an ice cream and the boys share with us). we’ll probably go back to that since quinn probably didn’t eat two thirds of his ice cream and cone. i’m not sure if it was the ice cream or what, but there was a lot of silliness when we got back home. we tested our voices with a helium balloon and then they both took their shirts off to show me how strong they are. here are my muscle men….

and just in case you wanted to hear my helium version of “Row, Row, Row your boat” (the boys requested it)….. here it is:

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  1. Josh Puckett

    my nephews are awesome. Quinn looks like he’s trying out for professional wrestling.

  2. Brenda Rae

    Did you participate in the muscle contest too? Quinn has a chuck face on I think! Love it!


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