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Saturday School
Today we took Trip to “Saturday School”, a one day, two hour visit to the elementary school Trip will go to when he starts kindergarten in just FIVE SHORT MONTHS!!!!! The visit began with a quick video about bus safety and a chant to help kids remember how to sit on the bus properly. “Seat (booty) to seat, back to back(of the seat), hands on your lap”! After the bus safety lesson, the kids got to take a short ride on a school bus… they were gone less than 10 minutes, but Trip absolutely LOVED it! Then, we dropped him off in one of the 6 kindergarten classes where he got to explore some of the play centers, listen to a story, and paint/color a picture. Meanwhile, we (me, chuck, & quinn) went back to the gym for a ‘day-in-the-life of a kindergartner’ slide show narrated by 2 kindergarten teachers. We also heard about the Warren Elementary philosophy & a welcome by the school principal (Mrs. Hercules.. Hercules.. Hercules…). I took a page full of notes and enjoyed every minute of it. Being that Trip is our oldest, I know NOTHING about kindergarten/elementary school and what it means to be a parent of a school kid! Sure, I went to kindergarten myself, but that was about 27 years ago & my perspective is a little different now. Nevertheless, I am really excited for Trip & I think after today’s visit that he is really excited to start kindergarten, too! I only snapped a couple of pics today, but I did get a video of him getting off the bus. Enjoy!
Waiting for the program to start

Trip getting ready for his bus ride. (he was on the other side, so it is hard to see him, but his face is right in the center of the pic looking this way. you can click on it to enlarge)

Trip getting off the school bus. His face at the end explains it all! :0)

80’s PAR-TAY
My friend Denise turned 30 this past week and to celebrate, we had an 80s party last night! (if you are good at math, you’ll realize that she was born in ’79, but her husband thought it was close enough!). It was a ‘costume’ party and most of the guests did not disappoint…. there was even one guy who wore a fake moustache, ball cap, flower shirt, & shorts who looked a lot like Tom Selleck on Magnum P.I. That was funny! I went shopping at Goodwill to find an oversized sweatshirt that I could cut the neck for an off-the-shoulder ‘Flashdance’ type look. I ended up with some other fabulous finds instead. I found a purple & pink jogging/wind suit jacket and a pair acid wash foldover button-fly jeans! CRAZY-TOWN! Seriously, who had either of those items in their closet within the past 6 months or so and just recently donated them to Goodwill????? The party was great and included a super fun game of 1980s Pictionary. Here are a few pics…

the b’day girl & her husband

me. chuck said i look like Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. i think this is probably how i looked in the 80s… without the makeup (i was in elementary school during most of the 80s) & with bangs, though!

angi, melissa, & me… the 80s were colorful… that is for sure!

4 Responses to “Saturday School and the 1980s”

  1. Brenda Rae

    Ally loves everything about kindergarten – which helps that she has a really great teacher. We just went through the 2nd round of PLP (conferences) and saw a lot of growth. Smart cookie like her Daddy! He will love it!

  2. mk

    What a great idea to give the kids an intro to Kindergarten like that! Emma will start Kindergarten this August too! She can’t wait to go Daniel’s “old school.”

    The 80’s party sounds like fun too! Darrell loves 80s music.

  3. shelly

    one of my good friends from elementary/high school is the vacation station coordinator at warren. her name is marni kellenberger. if you ever run into her, tell her you know me!!


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