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We finally got our first decent snow of the season this week! We’ve had a couple of days of light snow (less than an inch), but on Tuesday night we got a decent dose of frozen goodness…. about 5 1/2 inches! The boys played with Miss Chris’s kids 2 days since they were out of school on snow days, but on Thursday they asked me to play with them. We suited up (a 20 minute or so undertaking) and headed outside. I only got a couple of pictures… “Mom, stop taking pictures and PLAY with me!!!” was said on more than one occasion. We didn’t get to stay out long, but had a good time. Quinn does not like to have snowballs thrown at him, but he does like to throw them at me. Trip thought that he wanted to have a snowball fight, but had trouble picking up & throwing snowballs with his puffy/slick snow mittens that we got from Miss Chris (because he and/or his dad lost one of his new snow gloves i bought him before he actually got the chance to use them in the snow). After dropping a couple of his snowballs before he could throw them, he pouted and declared that he “did not [after all] want to have a snowball fight!” Typical…

Here are a few of the pics that I did take…

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  1. christy

    Looks like you had fun. I love snow, but of course we do not get much in the south. Oh, well maybe one day.

  2. mk

    What fun!! I’d love to have a day like that with the kids. I don’t think we’re going to see any snow in Atlanta this year, though.


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