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the Lord is good! i have been shopping eBay for months now looking for a double stroller for the boys. since trip is only 2 yrs old, he has a short attention span & gets distracted easily when we are at the grocery store or the mall (he tends to wander off). since i have this innate fear that someone is going to snatch him (thank you media & t.v. for this fear), i stress out trying to keep my eye on him & get my errands done at the same time. we do have an “elmo belt”…aka kid leash… that i have used a few times, but really have been looking for a stroller so they can both ride.

monday night we went to our couples care group bible study at our friend’s house. one of their neighbors (who has 7 kids) had 3 stollers sitting on the edge of her yard. our friend brenda yelled up the street to her neighbor to see if they were for sale. lori, the neighbor, said they were free… FREE!! chuck & brenda went up there to check them out since i needed to nurse quinn. lo & behold… one of the strollers was a cosco double tandem stroller…. the EXACT brand & type of stroller i had been searching for, but couldn’t afford!!!!!!! How good is God??? i cleaned it up yesterday & chuck took the boys for a walk in the neighborhood last night. AMAZING!

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  1. mk

    How great is God!! I used a double stroller for a while but finally decided I didn’t use it enough to be worth my while. I rarely take both children anywhere by myself because I also have the fear that someone will snatch one of the kids (or in Daniel’s case, he’ll just walk off on his own or with anyone and everyone he sees – Emma’s much better about staying with me). Enjoy your times together, they grow up way too fast!!

  2. Amber

    Im so jealous bc the double stroller that i am using was seriously $5 at a garage sale. The bad part is that its super ghetto and quite possibly from 1971. Kevin won’t push it b/c he’s so embarrased. He would much rather hold both kids than drive the hooptie stroller.

  3. kelly

    wish i had known you needed a double stroller. i would have loved a reason to re-po it from my sister-in-law…you know, the same one who wouldn’t return the rest of my maternity clothing? nice…now that you mention it, i guess i might need it after all. not that i will ever leave the house when #4 arrives. he does have a name now, by the way…i almost used quinn, but i have settled in to “flinn” instead- short for o’flinn which is my mom’s maiden name. timothy o’flinn driskell and he will go by flinn. :o)


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