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i’m not going to call it a ‘resolution’, but i’m going to try to post more blogs in 2009. my mama & m-i-l have both been getting on to me about my lack of posts. so, i’m going to start this year off with a couple of posts about the end of 2008 (November and December).

- our large backyard trees provided an abundance of dead leaves when “Fall” rolled around again this year. the boys LOVE to play in them, though chuck HATES to rake, vacuum (with the leaf blower/sucker), and bag them. the pics below are from 2 different days out in the leaves. they play while chuck rakes & bags them. this time there were so many leaves that it was a 3 day affair!

- one day i walked downstairs and found a strange looking blob in the middle of the floor. i discovered the ‘boys club tent’. i peeked inside to find a ‘secret boys club’ of block play by flashlight. the guys were having fun. after that grew old, they broke out into wrestlemania. i happily just sat back to watch & snapped a few pics.


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  1. Gram

    Thanks for the posts (and sort of resolution). I love the pictures of the boys and miss them already.

  2. Meredith

    YAY! Welcome back to the world of blogging. The boys grew a foot (it seems) since you last posted. I hope your family had a wonderful holiday!


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