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our ‘nanny’ Chris (HA!) introduced me to the author Karen Kingsbury. i had not read a book written for people over the age of 5 years in the last 8 or 9 years (pathetic, i know). the first book she loaned me was a stand alone, but then she turned me on to the Baxter series (actually 3 different series of books about the same family). i fell in love. i started out reading about one book a week, but towards the end I was finishing them every 2 days. i was reserving them at the library and picking them up sometimes before i finished the last one just so i didn’t have to wait! they are addicting! when i got to the last one, i was a little sad that i was going to have to say goodbye to the Baxter family. as i picked up the last one from the library, my sadness quickly dissipated as i opened the book. it was a LARGE print version. i cracked up laughing. i know the library just puts them on reserve as the title comes in and doesn’t pay attention to the age of the reader, but geez. i am not 85 years old. chuck said that i am a fast reader, but on this one, i felt like i was constantly flipping pages since there were so few words per page. anyway, below are pics of a regular print versus a large print. if you wear contacts or glasses, you can probably remove them and still be able to read the large print version!

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