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so, i’ve been waiting to share some news about my family for… oh … uh … over a week now (hmmm.. seemed like a lot longer until i calculated it). it’s not really my news to share, but none of the parties involved seem to be blogging the news. i check the blog every couple of days for the news, but it hasn’t been published. i even check other family blogs to see if anyone of them are spilling the beans. welp…. i’m tired of waiting & am just going to put it out there for the world to read…..

JOSH & NIKKI are expecting again. this time it’s TWINS!!!!!!

Whoop… Whoop! I am going to be an Aunt again!! Doing double duty this time around & I could not be more excited! I know that they are probably still in shock & may not get over it until the babies are safely in their arms & they have survived it a while! Nikki told me that I needed to move back to Georgia to help them. I would be all for it if Chuck could get a high paying job and we got a house close by. I, seriously, would be unbelievably happy & honored to help! She went to the doctor today & everything went well. They did an ultrasound, but I’ll wait & let her share that picture. (Well… I’ll give her at least a week to share it. After a week… it’s fair game sister!)

We LOVE you guys so much & don’t know how we are going to wait a whole 8 months to get our hands on the babies!

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  1. Gram

    I can’t wait to hold my new little ones too. If you can’t move back here, you could always have another little one (or two) too!


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