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we had a pretty good september. some of the highlights include a trip to the zoo where chuck fed a giraffe. he called himself the ‘giraffe whisperer’ right after the zookeeper fussed at us saying that we should not be feeding the animals. i’m hoping he’ll post about it on his blog soon.

we also went to the annual Balloon Race at Forest Park in St. Louie. i really wanted to go last year, but i put aside my wants to go see the Tour de Missouri bike race with chuck instead. we met the Shaws & Hoffmans there and had a blast. usually the energizer bunny balloon (probaby 3 times larger than a standard balloon) takes off first and then lands somewhere. the other balloons are trying to find it & drop a bag of birdseed. the closest drop is the winner. it’s less of a race & more of an accuracy game. the ‘race’ was delayed b/c of the windy conditions and they were never able to get the Energizer Bunny far off the ground. another balloon acted as the one to chase this year. here are a few pics:

we also were given AMAZING tickets to a Cardinals game last week. they were in the cardinals club seats which included a fancy schmancy buffet at a nice restaurant under the stadium seats (never knew it existed) and all you can eat food/drink you order at your seat. we had a server that would come by once or twice an inning & ask us if we needed anything. she would write it down & be back within minutes with our food & drink. it was super cool! here are a couple of pics from the evening…

chuck & i in the cardinals club restaurant

the view from our seats in the 7th row

our friends Beau & Ashley that went with us

we also just took a family trip to the pond at the park/rec monstrosity near our house to feed the fish. i’ll post about that later!

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  1. Vogt family

    Okay so first I went to school with Ashley!! Second if you take the cardinal stadium tour you get to see those fancy seats and the press box!! And third everyone feeds the giraffe’s why did the zookeeper make such a big deal of it???

  2. mk

    Wow, wish I could’ve been part of the Scoggins family; sounds like y’all had a great time!!!


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