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Trip (who is 3 months away from turning 5 years old), made a girl cry today at school.

Kylie (last name withheld), was in his class at Mother’s Day out for the last couple of years and they became fast friends…. and I do mean “fast”. Several times at pickup the first year, the teachers reported that Trip had kissed Kylie at the playground or in the gym. This year, things have changed. First, they are not in the same class this year. This fact alone has made Kylie a little disappointed (per her mom). Second, Trip is growing up and is more shy in public than he used to be. These two things led to the above mentioned ‘crying incident’ today.

After I picked the boys up from their classes, we walked thru the gym as usual. Right as Trip reached the door, Kylie ran up out of nowhere and tried to give him a hug. He pulled away and with a mean tone, said “NO!” And the crying began. There were tears… real tears. I immediately squatted down and hugged her & apologized for Trip’s behavior. Her mom walked over and asked what happened. Kylie left my side and told her mom thru the tears that Trip wouldn’t let her hug him. Her mom’s smiling eyes & grin caught mine. We both agreed that when Trip was 18, he’d probably be singing a different song, but it’d be too late by then! I whispered a secret in Kylie’s ear that I hope she remembers for a loooong time. “boys are stinky“, i said so that no one else but her mom could hear. “just remember that.” and so it begins… my big kid is already breaking hearts…

(p.s. quinn on the other hand, gave kylie a big hug to help her stop crying… guess he picks ‘em up after trip knocks ‘em down!)

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  1. Gram

    That is so funny! Poor Kylie, I guess it is better to learn now that boys are stinky! Unfortunately, it is a lesson that she will have to re-learn time after time.

  2. Angi

    Wait ’til you hit the 10 year old double digit years…the girls start playing teenager games. It’s brutal!!!

  3. Vogt family

    Your kids are hilarious!! Don’t worry he will be chasing girls around the playground soon!! That is when I knew if a boy liked me, I think I was in first or second grade:)


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