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we went on a 2 week vacation in early august. the first week was spent at Santa Rosa Beach, FL. chuck’s parents took us on vacation. the condo was amazing & even though it rained 3 days, we had a great time. thank you! thank you! thank you to charles & sharon!!
we left there & spent 2 nights in Buford with my brother Josh & family. thanks for letting us visit!! from there, we packed back up & grabbed one extra passenger (my nephew Eli) and headed to my parents’ house in N. Carolina for a week. we had a great time filled with activities, but also a much needed relaxing trip as well. while we were there, we went to an animal park called Hollywild (1/2 zoo & 1/2 open range where you can feed deer, buffalo, bulls, etc. that come right up to the open window bus). we also visited the local children’s museum. most of the “good pictures” are on chuck’s computer. i put this slideshow together with a few pics that i had on my camera. hopefully i’ll add the others before too long.

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  1. SC Rocks

    Love the pics…are you talking about Hollywild near Spartanburg? We usually take our kindergarten students there every year for a field trip. I agree, it is fun.


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