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last thursday, quinn had his first taste of rice cereal. i can’t believe he is almost 6 mths old already!! he wasn’t really sure what he thought about it as you can see in the photos, but by the end of the meal he was getting pretty good at eating it & even flashed a smile or two for the camera! the photo pages on our family website are having issues & i can’t upload any pictures right now. until i figure something else out, i’ll post new ones here. also, i added a link to the slideshow our friend michelle did for us w/preggo pics & quinn’s 3 mths pics. she did such a great job & i still look at it every once in a while. enjoy!!

4 Responses to “rice cereal anyone?”

  1. Amber

    Isnt it sick how much faster #2 grows? We just celebrated Kendalls first bday and it seriously seems like she was born. Quinn is a doll…

  2. nikki

    I get so excited to see new blogs. Great pics of the cereal-eating experience. We can’t wait to see you guys.

  3. JP

    that kid is my second favorite 5/6 month old in the world. a close second

  4. mk

    I love the pics of the kids – they’re growing up so fast!! I wish y’all lived closer so we could get the kids together for play dates. Keep the updates coming!!


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