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Quinn woke up in the middle of the night last weekend crying. Chuck got up & met him in the hall way. He screamed, “I hult (interpret: hurt) myself!!”. Chuck got him back in the bed & asleep. The next morning, after he got in his booster seat for breakfast, I noticed it. His first shiner!

I couldn’t believe it! As any of you with youngchildren know, it is difficult to get the true story from a 2 1/2 year old. If you give Quinn choices, he tends to choose the last one most of the time. “Did you run into something or did you fall out of the bed & hurt it?” The story he now tells is, “I ‘hult’ it on my bed.” We’ll leave it that I guess.

Trip took swim lessons for the last 2 weeks at a local pool. Our sitter, Ms. Chris, took him every morning along with 2 of her kids. It was fairly elementary stuff, but more to get the kids comfortable in the water & learn the basics of kicking & moving their arms. They really didn’t ‘swim’ at all, on their own, but it was just a beginners class. He had an absolute blast & is definitely our water bug. I can’t wait until we go to the beach in 3 weeks so he can practice & maybe even put it altogether & actually swim on his own. Here are a few pics:
(trip on the far right) practicing their kicks

practicing moving the water ‘out of my way’,
(trip is now on the left)
video of normal water play
trying to put it together on the noodle (the teacher was in the way of him doing good ‘ice cream scoop’ strokes):

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