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Trip joined the kids choir at church a few months ago & has been going to practices each sunday in between services off & on. His 1st performance was at Easter & can be seen here.

For his 2nd performance, they learned “God Bless America”. Here is a video of his performance:Quinn learned the song with Trip (nice perk of having a big brother. at age 2, he is learning most things his 4 yr old brother is learning… including some math… basic addition). His performance for me is here:

2 Responses to “God Bless America”

  1. nikki

    Those are great great great!!!! Trip was really into it!! Quinn does such a great job saying each word… normally if there is a string of close words Eli just mumbles through them….

    Good job favorite nephews!!! I love you both very much!

  2. Michelle Ross

    SO cute!
    Too bad Rock Band didn’t have ‘God Bless America’, he would have rocked out!


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