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as the boys get older, they are really beginning to experiment with other modes of transportation. trip is borrowing roller skates from Ms. Chris & can move ok on them now. he also has a Razor scooter that Santa brought him last year. he is pretty amazing on it for a 4 year old (wish i had video of him on it). he had a pretty bad wipe out the other day, but it didn’t keep him from wanting to ride again.

last weekend, he kept asking me to take the training wheels of his bike. i was hesitant & referred him to his father for that request. after more than a day of asking us, chuck agreed to take off the training wheels & let him try. he was soooo shaky at first. i was nervous for him b/c our driveway is a hill & our street is a hill. our neighbors were loading their car for a picnic & offered their driveway for trip to practice riding since it is much flatter than ours. after they left, we took him over & within 10 minutes or so he was riding so much better. the next day, we took him to the church to ride in the carpeted gym. quinn fell coming in & skinned his knee. while i was trying to calm him, chuck started out walking by trip on the bike to catch him if he began to lose his balance. while quinn & i were out looking for a bandaid, trip became an expert bike rider. quinn & i walked back in the gym after being gone about 5 minutes & chuck was standing in the middle of the gym with trip doing laps around him without any assistance at all. the kid is superbly coordinated, balanced, & daring! i am so proud of him.

last, but not least…. we went to the gym again today to let trip ride his bike (it had stormed & the ground was still wet outside) & we brought quinn’s plastic scooter. he usually just straddles & walks with it instead of riding. much to my suprise, he somehow learned to ride a scooter since the last time i saw him. he puts one foot on & pushes himself with the other foot. it will probably be a little while before he is balanced enough to put his other foot on & really ride, but this is a great start!

enjoy the movie montage…..

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  1. Sharon

    Kids learn so quickly. Maybe Trip can teach me to skate since I’ve never been able to stay up for more than a couple of minutes. Great job for both boys.

    Also, Happy Birthday Amy. I hope you had a great one and many more.


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