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we had a fairly eventful Easter this year. i took the boys to an Egg Hunt at a neighboring church the weekend before. it was FREEZING outside as you’ll notice in the pictures below… they are wearing winter coats & hat. they literally had 4,000 eggs just dumped out in a small section of the church yard & not too many kids because of the weather. we had lunch at the church afterwards! it was a great ministry to the town.

chuck’s mom came in town easter weekend. we shopped for easter shirts for the boys & dyed eggs. chuck has been an invalid since spraining his ankle 2 weeks ago, so it was nice having her here to help. they had fun getting the Easter basket goodies (the Easter bunny opted not to bring candy this year, since they got so much at the egg hunt). we had the strangest weather day on Easter sunday. a couple of times throughout the day, it snowed really big snowflakes & several other times, we had some heavy sleeting.

trip joined the kids choir a few weeks ago & sang in the worship center on the big stage on Easter. he did a really great job. he actually sang the words for the most part & did some of the hand motions. he sang in 2 out of 4 services. he did better in the first one. there were a lot more kids in the 2nd one and i think he was too distracted to pay attention to the choir directors.
hope you enjoy the slideshow & video…

chuck shortened the video clip for me & sent it to google video so i could put it on this blog. because of the upload to google, it lost a lot of quality. trip is in the vest to the left of the choir leader in turquoise.

5 Responses to “belated Happy Easter 2008”

  1. Brenda Rae

    Man looks like a fun Easter – we missed you guys and hope that someday we get to eat Easter lunch with you again but with no kids screaming!

    How is Chuck feeling?

  2. amy

    he still has a lot of swelling & bruising. he really hasn’t gotten any better at all the past 2 weeks. please pray for quick healing. i know he is miserable and i need a capable husband back.

  3. mk

    looks like you had a lot of fun at the egg hunt. I hope Chuck’s feeling better soon – are you sure it’s just a sprain? I mean if there hasn’t been any improvement in 2 weeks, I’d be concerned that it would be worse than orginally thought.

  4. Gram

    Crazy weather for Easter! I love the one of the boys together on the porch. Can’t wait to see the video of Trip singing.


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