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when i got home from work today, i was a little hungry & decided to get myself a small snack to hold me over until dinner. i decided i would eat the last stick of string cheese. i knew there was one stick left since i sent one with the boys lunch today. i searched the fridge for it, but couldn’t find it anywhere. “that’s strange”, i thought to myself. “i know it was here this morning. surely chuck didn’t come home for lunch & eat that string cheese.” i looked for at least a full minute (there isn’t much food in the fridge, so it shouldn’t have been difficult to find). alas, i gave up & chose another snack.

while fixing dinner tonight, i needed my scissors to open the tightly taped plastic covering the lettuce. i opened the drawer and…. what??? gross!! why is there a stick of string cheese in the drawer??? gross, it is lukewarm & mushy!!! oh crud, after i cut the string cheese packet this morning (the perferation wasn’t working today), i must have put the extra string cheese in the drawer when i put the scissors up. seriously, what a wierdo!

6 Responses to “You DON’T belong here!”

  1. Rachel

    YUMMY, save some for me!
    Oh, and by the way…NO, I am NOT having another kiddo!!! So, yes, I will get rid of everything baby that I can!! :-)

  2. Meredith

    I’m glad to know that others put things “up” where they don’t belong! :)

  3. nikki

    That’s pretty funny! At least you found it…. there are thing in my hose that have been missing for month!!!!

  4. Josh Puckett

    Good thing they printed ‘STRING CHEESE’ on the wrapper. I would have hated for you to not know what it was.

  5. coupon queen

    I’m glad to know that Josh is still as smart-mouthed as he always was!!!

    Never left string cheese in the drawer all day, but that stuff turns up everywhere at our house (in bags, lunchboxes, car, etc).


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