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(warning… content below is not suitable for mealtime).

quinn has suffered on & off with constipation issues. when he is having a rough patch, he often struggles & cries while he tries to push out a large compacted poo. i feel terrible for him & get him back on a regular helping of prune juice until he gets more regular. he had a rough day yesterday & again this afternoon. he finally poo’d and after changing his diaper, i told him to be still for a minute & let his butt rest. then this conversation took place…

Q: mom, can you w___ (?) my butt?

Me: i already wiped your butt.

Q: no, can you w____ (?) my butt?

Me: can i wrap your butt?

Q: no, can you wake my butt?!?!

tee hee hee… i had just told him to let his butt rest. guess he was ready to get up, but thought i needed to “wake” his butt up first!! “WAKE UP BUTT!!!”

5 Responses to “a funny about poo”

  1. Rachel

    that is so cute! grace and zach have those issues too…isn’t motherhood wonderful?!!!

  2. mk

    that’s hilarious! it’s amazing how literal everything is to a child!! daniel has the same issues quite often (although it’s much better these days). we keep babylax on hand for just such occasions.

  3. coupon queen

    Our babies aren’t babies anymore!!! We moved Jonathan to the big boy bed for his birthday in Jan. But, we still have the changing table in there b/c it has 2 shelves for storage. He isn’t completely potty-trained by any stretch of the imagination, but we are getting there. We always have the opposite prob than you guys- prunes aren’t necessary. Love you!!!


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