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so much has been going on lately, but i have not been posting here as often as i should. here is another catch up post.

1. in january, we drove to Louisville, KY to visit ‘Uncle’ Todd & Jennifer Slade. chuck has known todd since childhood, but we all 3 ended up in college together where todd and i became great friends thru my sorority (he was one of our ‘sweethearts’). he is in seminary at Southern Baptist. we had a great time visiting/catching up with them and their 2 dogs. quinn LOVES dogs… ALL dogs. big dogs (dalton didn’t scare him), little ones (like lucy who was only 8 weeks (?) old), cartoon ones, the ones on commercials, ALL DOGS! trip, on the other hand, not such a huge fan. he was scared by dalton’s size & energy, but he did tolerate lucy most of the time. while in louisville, we visited the Louisville Slugger Museum/Factory. it was pretty cool. in the slideshow below, notice the HUGE bat outside the building & then trip by that same bat.

2. i finally took trip to see the dentist for the first time. i think “they” recommend kids go by age 3, but since i HATE going to the dentist myself, it wasnt’ exactly the #1 thing on my ‘to do list’. i decided to make quinn an appt as well since we were going anyway. trip did really well. i wasn’t sure exactly what they would do, but after the dentist counted his teeth & checked the general health of them, the assistant took x-rays & then cleaned his teeth. quinn did not do so well. he freaked out when it was his turn to get in the chair (i think the mask the dentist wore scared him a bit). to get him in the chair, chuck had to get in first & held quinn on his lap. he screamed thru most of it…. luckily the dentist was pretty fast, and he didn’t have to get his teeth cleaned this time.

3. we have had some more winter weather. we’ve had a couple of light snows with little accumulation, then we had a 7 inch snowfall the last day in january. the boys didn’t get to play in it this time since we were all sick. quinn & i both got strep throat and he had the flu as well. trip got his 3rd ear infection in less than 1 1/2 months…. we all got sick within the same week! last week, we got a dump of sleet. being from georgia & not experiencing much winter weather growing up, it amused me to look outside & see over 1/4 of an inch of just sleet. it was odd. it didn’t snow at all that day… just hours & hours of tiny ice balls falling to the earth!

4. i am officially without a baby in the house. quinn is 2 1/4 years old, but we have not been in a huge hurry to do away with ‘baby’ things. that is all changing…
last month he finally graduated from the highchair. this weekend, he made the switch from crib to big boy bed. this involved a big change for trip, as well. last week, we moved trip to the top bunk in his room. i wasn’t sure how he would do, but he loved it. we decided to let him try it for a week as a trial run before quinn moved in, and trip did great!

last night, quinn moved over. we don’t have an extra set of matching bedding for him yet, so he is using an extra pillow case & comforter we pulled from the closet. we didn’t have any more bed rails, so i improvised using rolled up blankets tucked under the fitted sheet to act as a bumper (i stole the idea from a magazine. they used pool noodles, but those aren’t in stores this early in the year! the blankets are a little big & don’t give him much room, but they’ll do for now). now we have an empty nursery. what should we do about that?

here are some more pics from the last month or so. enjoy!

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  1. Gram

    I love all the pictures. Thanks for the updates. I really hate that you have an empty nursery, let me think about a solution…..

  2. nikki

    Those pictures are great…. I’m sad that Quinn isn’t a baby anymore but it looks like so much fun to share the bed with his brother!!

  3. Rachel

    I think I know what Gram has in mind for your empty nursery…thinking of another baby??!
    If not, make it into a room for the kids, if you don’t have this already. Or a guest room. Or a media room…can you tell I wish I had an extra room in my house?!
    Cute pics!

  4. Chuck

    Hmmm, i have an idea or two about uses for the extra room:

    [1] Move my clothes up from the basement closet Amy forces him to use.

    [2] Move office up from basement so I can gaze out the window while working.

    [3] !censored!…use protection so as not to have to convert extra room back to a baby room.

    [4] Move guest room upstairs so dad will stop complaining about the noisy central heating/air unit when my parents visit.

    [5] Move guest room upstairs so dad and Scott don’t fall down the stairs (again!) after using restroom in the middle of the night.

    [6] Add a bathroom.

    [7] Use as a storage place for my cycling gear.

    [8] Use as a storage place for my new motorcycle (i wish!).

    [9] Flat screen TV, Nintendo Wii, Playstation, X-box, etc.

    [10] Lock “gram” in so she’ll stop posting silly comments on blogs.

  5. Gram

    Wait a minute, Chuck. I never said anything silly about the use of the former nursery on this blog or any other. I don’t expect any more grandchildren from you and Amy. Work on 1-9, 10 won’t be an issue.

  6. Brenda Rae

    I think the Scoggin family needs some pink!

    If you want to be more amazed about winter weather move to the tundra where we get 8 inches of snow every week – not quite but this winter it has felt like it!

  7. amy

    i was thinking more along the lines of rachel’s 1st idea… not so much along the lines of chuck’s comment.

    now how can i convince chuck?


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