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a million things i have thought about blogging on, but haven’t taken the time. here are a few things i found that i’ve been meaning to share:

1. when we were in rome, ga at christmas time, the boys loved playing with a little handheld fan at chuck’s parents house. i was ‘cooling’ off quinn’s neck one night & he wanted to do mine. everything was going well, until he got the foam fan blades a little too close to my hair. chuck tried to untangle it, but gave up after 10 seconds & wanted just to cut my hair off. refusing to let him cut the “few under hairs that no one will see”, i called his mom to my rescue. she worked on it for a while, getting all but a couple of hairs out. it hurt like a mug. you can pull a chunk of my hair & it won’t really bother me, but tugging on just a few (especially the tiny ones on the bottom) really hurts! see the pics below, but please do not try this at home.

2. when we had the 6 inches of snow back in December, the boys got to play at our babysitter’s house & had a lot of fun. here are a couple of pics and a video i got from her. trip learned how to ‘snowboard’ with alex, miss chris’ 7 year old son. (this was when they first started. he got much better later, but the other video is almost 3 mins long! note: trip is the 2nd kid in the video and that is alex on the sled behind quinn.) thought josh would appreciate this one!

3. today when we got home, trip pulled a quarter out of his pocket & the following conversation ensued. after he said the 1st sentence, i grabbed the camera to record…

seriously, where does he come up with these things? what does he know about saving for college? he often says some pretty intelligent (read: odd) things, but this one really took me back!!

4. the boys were watching Little Einsteins recently & the episode was a take on Jack & the Beanstalk. i heard the boys chanting and had to record it. this one is especially for my DADDY:

i’m sure there is more to share, but that will come later!

5 Responses to “playing catch up”

  1. Gram

    I think the first pics are where the saying “got you by your short hairs” comes from. Meaning it really hurts. Love the snowboarding, Uncle Josh will be so proud! Trip, you will probably need a few more quarters for college. Grandpap said he loves you too, boys. Now he can’t get the song out of his head.

  2. Josh Puckett

    Trip is a natural. The most important thing about snowboarding (or skiing) is to be fearless and relaxed. That is why you see so many little kids flying past you at the ski resorts. They have no fear and so it comes easy. Keep it up kid I see XGames Gold in your future.

  3. nikki

    He did really well on the snowboard! I’m impressed!!

    Good job!

    The peat and repeat thing still cracks me up!


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