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so i had to work today (a saturday) and wasn’t happy about it. chuck had a church league basketball game this morning & was home before i had to leave for work. when i got back home, some guy was laying on the couch in the basement with only the light of the t.v. to illuminate the room. trip was laying on the couch with him, asleep. uh… hello… who was this guy laying on the couch with my son??? after i squinted a bit, i recognized him.

do you know who this is?

after a 2nd look, i realized it was my husband. he was just much less hairy than when i left the house just 4 1/2 hours before. he is now shaving his head almost completely bald on a regular basis. and today, while i was at work, he decided to shave off his goatee (except for a little ‘soul patch’). this is only the 3rd time he has shaved the goat since we started dating 10 years ago. we’ll see if he decides to keep his face virtually hair free for a while.

4 Responses to “Stranger Danger”

  1. Brenda Rae

    you freaked me out with the title! I am not sure what I would do if Jason shaved his. He has never had it off since we were married – 10 yrs ago! How did the boys react or did they notice?

  2. amy

    quinn didn’t say anything about it that i know of, but trip said to him, “you’re not my real dad!”


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