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It’s taken me a while to get this posted, but we had an adventurous & wonderful Christmas again this year. My parents drove up from N. Carolina on the 21st to help us get the family back to their house again. Mama & I left with the boys on the 23rd & Daddy stayed to make the journey with Chuck on the 24th (Chuck has to work on Christmas Eve. Church jobs… we sacrifice way more than you’ll ever know). The boys were really good for us on the 13+ hour trek down there. Quinn was perfect & Trip only had 1 meltdown about an hour or so before dinner. So far, we have only been able to go to my parents new(er) house once each year (for Christmas) since it is such a long drive… so we really love being there for Christmas. Gram had some fun things lined up for the boys including some new blocks (see the castle pic below) and the annual cookie bake (we gotta have some offerings for Santa!). The boys got a lot of stuff from Santa, but the highlights for Trip were a new ‘electric’ guitar & a Razor scooter. Quinn’s highlights were a new Potty seat (i know… weird thing for Santa to bring, but I was hoping it would build some excitement so we could start potty training… not so much. he does not want to sit on it at all) and a Build-A-Bear puppy named Happy!

On the 27th, we drove to Rome, GA to spend 5+ days with Chuck’s family. Mimi & Pawpaw had lots of fun things planned including a visit to Sparkles Inflatables with Chuck’s cousin’s daughters and Treasure Island Fun Center. The highlight gift from them was a kids John Deere Gator. Our cousins already had one, so we borrowed theirs while we were there & purchased the one for Trip & Quinn when we got back to Missouri. We also celebrated New Years Eve with our cousins & New Years day watching UGA.

The only bad part about our time was that both boys were sick. Trip was sick the entire time & even got a 2nd ear infection while we were there (he just got over one in the other ear a week and a half before Christmas). Quinn was healthy until right before we left, but has been super snotty & CRABBY since we’ve been back. It seems like we keep bouncing from one cold, sinus infection, ear infection, etc. to the next and I am definitely ready for both boys to be well again!

Sorry the post was so long. I should have posted along the way during our travels, but I was just too darn lazy!! Enjoy the slideshow & video below! warning…there are lot of pics!!!

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  1. Gram

    We had a wonderful Christmas!! Lots of presents, food, and fun. I love the new traditions that we are beginning with the boys. I still miss Mama’s Christmases but new ones are just as precious.

  2. Rachel

    Looks like ya’ll were very busy! I’m glad you got to spend some time with all of your families! And the boys got TONS of toys!!

  3. Meredith

    Looks like ya’ll had a wonderful holiday. That’s great that you’re able to spend the time down here with your family!!!

  4. Rebecca


    who’s the random kid at yall’s christmas dinner…do you have another sibling i don’t know about?

  5. amy

    bec~ that is my new cousin, Gwen. my dad has a brother that is 19yrs younger than he is. they didn’t think they could have kids & then one day… suprise, my aunt was pregnant! so i have a 1st cousin that is 29 years younger than me!


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