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today, TRIP turns 4 years old! slightly unbelievable that he could be that old already! we had his birthday party last saturday at our church. my parents & chuck’s mom were able to come up for the festivities & we were so thankful for that. (chuck’s dad couldn’t make it up here this time.)

the party was HUGE — 25 adults & 22 kids showed up! it was a great celebration and we are so thankful to all of you who came out! we have been blessed with some good friends! some highlights include: giant indoor playground, cake, pinata, and lots of gifts. i did a TERRIBLE job at taking pics at the party. i was a little overwhelmed trying to pull it all together. next time we throw a party, i’m delegating so that i can enjoy it more with the kids & get some pics. hopefully our parents got some more pics that i can get copies of (hint, hint).

this morning we ate bagels at St. Louis Bread Company & tonight we ate at the restaurant of Trip’s choice. he chose Moe’s. He loves a cheese quesadilla and chips with queso dip!

some of these pics are from his party & the others are him enjoying his birthday gifts at home the last few days! enjoy!


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  1. Sharon

    Happy Birthday Trip!!! It hardly seems possible that it has been 4 years since we were all anxiously awaiting the news. But mom, I think you did a great job of getting the pics considering the crowd. Best to all…

  2. Brenda Rae

    When we were talking about his birthday coming – Ally asked if she could go to his party. We were sure it would have been this weekend and knew that we couldn’t with Jason’s surgery. We told her we would go to his house soon to see him!

    Happy birthday big guy! I remember the Sunday you were born and how great it was!


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