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so… i now know why some animals eat their young & why some humans beat theirs. i almost ended trip’s life yesterday after 2 attempts on the potty to “poo poo” (because i knew he needed to go). after he sat on the toilet 2 different times for at least 10 minutes each time with no success (& telling me that he didn’t have any poo poos), i put his diaper back on & went to check on quinn. after just a couple of minutes in quinn’s room, i soon found trip standing on his stool hiding behind the curtains in my bedroom doing what? pooping in his diaper, of course. this happening less than 5 minutes after i got him off the potty & after we had a conversation about not pooping in the diaper & telling mommy when you need to go. i almost lost it. after much fussing from me & crying on his part, he chose a spanking over time out for a punishment & then at the last second re-nigged on that. he got a small spanking anyway followed by the 5,000th conversation about how big boys go in the potty & not in the diaper. so… potty training is not going so well. this is a prayer request more than anything else… pray for my patience and wisdom to figure out the best way to train trip. otherwise, he might be the 1st kid ever in middle school still wearing diapers…. if he lives that long….

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  1. Cindy

    Amy – I feel your pain. I physically couldn’t sit Peyton on the potty until he was three. It just wasn’t possible. He didn’t want to do it, and there was no making him. I thought he would NEVER be potty trained. And one day, it just clicked in his head (which is what I hear happens, especially with boys.) We went from wearing diapers and pullups all day, to wearing only underwear, even at night in about 3 days. We only had one accident, and that is while he was asleep. Don’t give up. It will happen – I promise you!

  2. Amber

    i am in agreement with Cindy. It took Mason a while to get it with the poop. It literally just clicked one day.. he would do the exact same thing that Trip is doing. One thing that helped is i finally just put him in big boy underwear– its a nasty mess to endure a couple of times, but its also not fun for them to have it all over them. After a couple of times of pooping in his big boys he finally figured it out. I definitely wouldnt go the pull up route.. they will just keep going if it feels like a diaper. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

  3. JP

    I have complete faith that any newphew of mine will figure this out and come out smelling like roses in the end. if not they make “Depends” for people of all ages

  4. Anonymous

    Hey Amy PP–Without kids I can’t feel your pain yet. But I was cracking up! There is a book called “Potty training in less than a day”. The point is get something they really want, candy, Thomas the train movie, whatever–and use that as the incentive. Then the “bad guy” is not Mommy but the failure to get the toy or candy. He knows he’ll never lose Mommy’s love–but they have to earn the incentive. Bribery–works everytime :) Good luck! –Connie


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