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trip LOVES the american flag. he always has. whenever he sees one he points it out. love the little patriot! we see a large american flag over a bank just about everyday right before we get on the interstate. when he pointed it out last week (for the 5000th time), i decided to teach him something new. ‘he is a smart kid’, i thought to myself, ‘why not try to teach him the pledge of allegiance?’. i asked him if he had ever heard of it & he said “yes”. he says that a lot whether he really knows what you are talking about or not, so our lesson began. “repeat after me”, i said.

Me: I pledge allegiance
Trip: I pledge allegiance
Me: To the flag
Trip: To the flag
Me: Of the United
Trip: Of the United States of America. And to the ‘replublic’, which it stands, one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all!
Me: (in disbelief) HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT?
Trip: we say it at school!

and so it begins… i have come to realize that i am no longer his only teacher. he has been in mother’s day out for 3 years now, but most of the things he has done in school this far, he already knew before they taught it (colors, numbers, abc’s, etc.) this is the first MAJOR thing that i can think of that he learned from someone other than his parents/grandparents. anyway… he suprised chuck later that afternoon by reciting the pledge of allegiance completely on his own without prompting from me. here is a video of my big kid… the one that is getting WAY too big!!! (he’ll be turning 4 next week)

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  1. nikki

    That was AWESOME!!! Very well spoken too:) I learned that I am only one of Eli’s many teachers a long time ago… Now I just ask him random stuff to see if he knows it!! It’s kinda fun!

  2. Brenda Rae

    Ally’s teachers are great too and teach her so much more than we can possibly imagine. But “with liberty” – isn’t it “north liberty”?


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