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Two years ago on this blessed day after 25ish minutes of pushing… my 2nd son was born! hard to believe he is 2 years old today! What a blessing to be his mom! Quinn is incredibly smart (and verbal), sassy, funny, and an overall joy in our family!

We are not having a big party this year since we had a big one last year for his 1st b’day. I am planning on letting each of the kids have a party every other year on alternating years so that I only have the craziness of 1 party per year (for now at least). We haven’t done birthday cake yet, so here are a couple of pics from this morning. He got to blow out a candle in his birthday donut!!


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  1. Gram

    Happy Birthday, Quinn! We wish we were there with you today. The laughter as we were singing Happy Birthday to you this morning was wonderful, that is unless you were being critical of our singing :)

  2. nikki

    Aunt Nikki loves you very much!!! Hope you had a wonderful day!! Can’t wait to see you again!

  3. coupon queen

    Hard to believe he is 2! My baby is about to be 3! the halloween pic are “sweet” :)


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