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it came & went. the anticipation was great & fun was had by all! we once again spent halloween night at our church’s Family Fall Festival. every room is filled with games for the kids & tons of candy is given out. this year Trip was a knight (though he didn’t want to wear his helmet once we got to the church) and Quinn was batman (same costume trip wore 2 yrs ago… hey, why not dress him in trip’s old costumes until he knows better????) chuck stayed a few minutes after we left to finish up a little work stuff, so i brought the boys home & took them to 2 neighbor’s house to trick or treat. it was their first time & they seemed to enjoy it. there pumpkins were already full of candy by then, but they were happy to get more. quinn was the most polite saying thank you to both of the candy givers as soon as they put stuff in his pumpkin. then he would repeat me saying ‘happy halloween’ as we turned to walk away.

here are just a few pics from the night.

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  1. Gram

    Great costumes! I am glad the boys had fun. I am sure they will be eating candy until Christmas, or maybe Easter.


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