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Fall has officially arrived!! The temperatures have dropped… between 45-55 degrees in the morning & a high in the mid to upper 60s! I LOVE IT! We have been able to play outside a lot more since the temps are bearable and the mosquitos are no longer biting. the boys really love to help rake the leaves in the grass & sweep the leaves out of the garage. chuck has already raked the front yard twice. when i got home today, it was covered AGAIN! trip got out his new rake & started working on the leaves in our ‘side’ yard (skinny part between our driveway & our neighbor’s yard). i asked if he wanted some help & we had 2 pretty good sized leaf piles in less than 10 minutes. the boys ran & jumped & played in the piles for at least 30 minutes until time to go in for dinner. trip said, “that was the biggest leaf pile, EVER!” quinn really enjoyed it, too, although trip was barraging him with leaves most of the time. i added a slideshow with some of our fall pics, thus far, and 2 videos. the first one is for gram & grandpap. the 2nd is of them playing in the leaves.

we had a great visit with josh, nikki, & eli a couple of weekends ago! we played outside a lot, visited grant’s farm, and played at the local park. nikki has some great pics here.

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  1. Chuck

    I hate raking leaves! I don’t want to pile them, I don’t want to jump in them, I don’t want to bag them, I don’t want to chop/vacuum them, I would not, could not in a box, I would not, could not with a fox…

  2. Gram

    Great pictures and videos! Happy Halloween, Trip and Quinn! I wish I was there with you.

  3. Rachel

    Those were good pics! I love the slideshow of them in the leaves…boys will be boys! Happy Halloween! CAn’t wait to see pics of their costumes!

  4. mk

    This is my favorite time of year!! I love the pictures of the boys playing in the leaves. Have fun tonight!! We’ll be at our church’s Fall Festival.

  5. Cindy

    I love the pictures with the leaves!!!!! I have no trees, and therefore no leaves. But I would love to have some for pictures like that!


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