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That is the question our babysitter asked last night as she walked in to drop her teenage daughter off to watch the boys while I went to my womens’ bible study class (chuck was gone at an overnight staff retreat). She asked the question upon seeing a champagne flute in our dish drainer on the counter. I cracked up & admitted that it was me.

For those of you who know me, you know that I do not drink. I have never been a drinker of alcoholic beverages. I have tried many different drinks over the years, but overall despise the taste of alcohol and have never been drunk in my entire life. A year or two ago, I had a slight buzz after downing a Smirnoff Ice we ‘borrowed’ from some friends to see if we would like the taste, but that is the extent of any state of drunkenness for me. (which, for the record, i did like the Smirnoff, but have never had another one since then.) I’m not against an occasional drink, but just haven’t found anything I really like & don’t find myself in situations with alcohol very often.

So why was a champagne flute out, you ask? I have been dealing with (what I think is) a mild case of insomnia on & off for a while, but it has been a lot worse over the last month or so. It takes me sometimes well over an hour to fall asleep at night & anywhere from 30 mins to 2 hrs to fall back asleep if I have to get up to check on one of the kids in the middle of the night. In a matter of 2 days, 3 completely different people suggested that I drink a glass of wine at night to help me ‘relax’. Though I can’t stand wine, I thought I’d give it a try. On Monday, I bought a trial size bottle of blackberry Arbor Mist (a merlot) and a case of mini Bailey’s Irish Cream (at the suggestion of my brother & sis-in-law since they knew I don’t like wine). I have had a glass of wine the last 3 nights & have yet to see any difference, but I’m not going to give up yet. It doesn’t taste great, but it isn’t unbearable either. I am trying to think of it as medicine instead of a drink to satisfy my thirst b/c I would choose a cherry coke over wine every single time if I were drinking it for thirst purposes. I don’t think we have any wine glasses at all, only flutes & tea glasses that we registered for from our wedding… and I have NO IDEA where they are. I had to use a flute that was in a china display on a shelf in the kitchen. It was so dusty & had to be thoroughly cleaned before I could use it on Monday… that’s sad!

Chuck doesn’t drink either, but started trying to drink beer this summer. He has developed a taste for Corona, so he bought another 6 pack at the grocery this week also. I compiled all of the alcoholic beverages onto 1 shelf in the fridge this morning. I cracked up the entire time I was doing it because usually we have no alcohol in our house & now we have 1/2 a shelf full!! I probably will never be accused of being a lush, but here is the pic that I thought I’d never see from my fridge!!
P.S. the tall bottle in the back is a spumante that we tasted when we toasted my sis-in-law at hers & josh’s wedding 3 years ago. we both liked it pretty well (suprisingly so to both of us) so we bought this bottle that year for New Year’s Eve. Yes, THIS EXACT bottle was purchased almost 3 years ago & we still have never opened it!! Not really sure why I haven’t tossed it before now, guess I’m waiting for that special event where I’ll break it out. It’ll probably taste terrible by then!!

10 Responses to “WHO’S THE LUSH?”

  1. Gram

    That is so funny to see in your refrigerator!! Your great grandmother(Mamaw)usually had one glass of wine a day, too, but I think she liked the taste of it :)
    If the wine doesn’t work and you don’t like the Irish Cream, buy some Smirnoff Ice.

  2. Jennifer

    Fill the tea glass full of wine (twice-hehe)–not the flute, silly. But I would think shots would be easier to take as “sleeping medicine”–anything tastes better than robutusin!!

  3. AKA

    Great pic! We’ve had some weeks like that too since we’ve been trying some new things. Often handy, but a little embarrassing at the same time!

  4. Rachel

    I have the same problem! I always go with White Zinfandel…its fruity and after the first few sips, you’re good to go! And put a lime in one of those Corona’s and down it! You might like it!

  5. Brenda Rae

    man you have more alcohol in your fridge than condiments!!!!

    Sleeping note: call me we can talk in the middle of the night, but I think I have mine figured out to – too much caffine. I have only had 1 bottle of DP since last week and have been sleeping like a baby – okay better than before.

  6. nikki

    Where was this shelf when I was there this weekend?

    Still should have drank that Spumante…

  7. Meredith

    I agree with Rachel, try the white zin (even the Arbor mist kind…) Or if you would like to try a good red wine (that’s sweet… merlots are not sweet), try a chianti.

    You COULD try a “splash” of Jack Daniels (I know that’s hard core, but it is always a favorite of mine) in Sleepytime tea with some honey… that might make you sleepy too…

    Good luck!

  8. ElizabethNohren

    How funny! Instead of wine, I would try a Tylenol PM. :-) Why is Chuck “trying” to drink beer this summer? Is there some peer pressure going on? haha.

    Hope you all are doing well. Love seeing pictures of the boys.

  9. amy

    trust me, i’ve tried tylenol pm, nyquil, i even had a hard time sleeping thru the night on prescription ambien. the wine is just one more thing i’m willing to try to get a good night sleep!

  10. Chuck

    No peer pressure…just looking for ways to quench the thirst. After my mission trip to Germany, I realized that there is more to beverages than Coca-Cola (it’s really expensive in other parts of the world) and sweet tea.


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