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for those of you who know me well, you know that i do not & have never eaten vegetables. not real ones at least. i like the starchy kinds like potatoes & corn and will eat salad (but really just the lettuce & cheese). as a mom, i want my kids to do better than myself. i want them to not be so picky & to eat healthier than me, so i have started serving them vegetables…. raw! (i can’t cook them… i don’t know how & wouldn’t taste them to see if they are right!). right now we are just serving up carrots, broccoli, and occasionally cauliflower. and I ACTUALLY TRIED A PIECE OF

BROCCOLI the other day. it wasn’t great, but it wasn’t terrible either. kind of like chewing on a piece of grass dipped in ranch. last week, i even started putting some cut up veggies in the food i was cooking…. not sure if i am ‘hiding’ them more for the kids or for myself. i have sliced up carrots really thin & put them in our chicken wraps, and last night put broccoli in our pepperoni calzone!! WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO ME???? why at the age of 30 am i now concerned about eating the thing that i have refused to even try my entire life?

i didn’t get many pics, but here are a couple of the boys eating their broccoli as a pre-dinner snack last week. look ma… aren’t you proud of me?

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  1. Gram

    I am VERY proud of you, baby girl!! I am so glad that your boys will eat them. I always blamed it on your dad because he was so picky that I never cooked veggies even though I LOVE them. He has changed over the years, as has Josh, so maybe it is just your time.

  2. Rachel

    I’m with you-I’m not good about veggies, but luckily, at least one of my kids is! Grace will chow down with the broccoli(cooked) and carrots(cooked). By the way, cooking broccoli is VERY easy-buy the frozen kind and follow the microwave directions-if I can do it, I know you can!!

  3. Meredith

    I don’t like vegetables either. Another easy way to cook brocolli is to steam it… on the stove (sprinkle a little Lawry’s seasoning on it…not TOO bad…) I also like to steam squash and zuccini… try those (coming from a fellow steak and potatoes gal…)

  4. Jennifer

    I love veggies and always have, so why is my butt so much bigger than all of ya’lls? Oh wait…I don’t want to hear the answers, nevermind! lol Congrats on that PP! And btw, I have finally posted something else, not much, but I tried!


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