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people are forever telling us that the boys look “JUST ALIKE”. i don’t see it. to prove my point… see the pics below. in quinn’s “ready for school” pics (see slideshow in previous post), he was wearing the same shirt that trip wore on his first day of school (mother’s day out) 2 years ago. i intentionally did this. i picked 2 of quinn’s pics that had poses similar to ones that i got of trip 2 years ago. chuck was nice enough to merge the pics on photoshop so you can see them side by side. check these out:

other than the shirts & their similar body language… they look NOTHING alike!!! point proven!

8 Responses to “Resemblance Issue Resolved”

  1. Gram

    That’s funny that you put that you posted those pictures together. When your dad saw the new pics of Quinn, he said that he hadn’t thought they looked alike until he saw those. Maybe it was more the clothes and the pose :)

    Still waiting by the way. Just send the jpgs and I will get copies made.

  2. nikki

    I don’t think they really look that much alike… Josh and I actually think it’s crazy that they are so different… personality wise also.

    Both are still beautiful though:)

  3. nikki

    You need to post them against pictures of you and Chuck at 2 years old, also:)

    That I would like to see:)

  4. Julie Shaw

    Your right! They really don’t look alike. I think you should have another just so we can compare that one too!!:)

  5. Cindy

    Ok…so I’ve never seen your boys in person, so maybe it’s different in person. The top picture of Trip and the bottom picture of Quinn look alike to me. Their hair is different, but to me, everything else looks the same. I’m one of those people who think they look alike…maybe not just alike, but very similar.

  6. Meredith

    I’ve never seen them in person either… I think they resemble each other… but don’t really look exactly alike. I can definitely see the Puckett side of them… :)

  7. Amber

    i think if you cut your hair short and put on that shirt and a backpack you and trip would be identical twins. plus, i’d just like to see you in that shirt and small backpack.

  8. Brenda Rae

    I think that they eyes can look a like, but would like to see a third one in the mix and a picture of you and chuck also to completely resolve the issue!!!


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