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sorry i haven’t blogged in almost a month… too lazy to take the time. i finally sat down & organized all of my pics into monthly folders on my computer and decided to create a slideshow for your entertainment. don’t worry, i didn’t include the 1000+ pics, only the ones from the last 2 weeks.

chuck & i celebrated our 7th anniversary with a weekend getaway to Fort Lauderdale. his parents graciously came up & stayed with the boys so we could take our first vacation with just the 2 of us in over 4 years. my aunt carol & uncle phil let us stay aboard their yacht, Savoy, while it is listed for sale & is having some work done (note: this yacht can be yours for many pennies. let me know if you are interested.) there was no crew (except a captain) so we weren’t pampered like i am used to in my yacht adventures, but we had a great relaxing no-kids-to-feed-or-put-to-bed-or-entertain weekend. we saw 2 movies in the theater (our first in at least 8-10 mths), went to the beach, ate yummy food & enjoyed each other’s company.

the day after we returned, the boys started “school” (a 2 day/week full day mother’s day out program at church). they have done pretty well except in trip’s class they no longer have a structured nap time. they put in a movie & lay down on blankets, but he hasn’t slept yet. quinn is doing well this year & his teachers seem to love him even though he screams when i drop him off each day. i actually waited outside his room today to see how long he cried & he was quiet & off playing about 45 seconds after i left the room. anyway… enough catch-up on the scoggins life for now… enjoy the slideshow!!

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  1. Meredith

    Congrats on 7 years! :) I enjoyed the pics of your boys and your time at the beach… I would love to go … School is definitely overrated! :)

  2. Gram

    Thanks for putting the pics on the blog of the Scoggins’ fam. You and Chuck look as good as you did 7 years ago on your wedding day!! My boys are as handsome as ever!

  3. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    what a fun anniversary! love the whole yacht thing! :) we are celebrating our 6 year in 2 weeks from today! prasie the Lord for godly marriages, huh?! you look great in those pics, too! and man, do those boys look just like you-esp. Tripp!
    Steph Lyon

  4. The Mattox Family

    Hey Amy. Congratulations on 7 years! Your boys are dolls! I haven’t checked your blog in a long time, so it was good to catch up.
    Erin Mattox

  5. coupon queen

    can’t believe that you spent a whole weekend by yourselves- living in luxury!!!! Way to go!!! If they still need someone to “watch” the boat for a few days while it is repaired and readied to sell, let us know- we would love to help!

    (I would make jeff leave the chickens at home!)


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