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well, it’s 6:55am & i have been up for an hour already. trip woke up a couple of times last night crying & saying, “Mommy don’t go!”. these were his words as i put him to bed last night & i guess they stuck in his mind when he woke up. chuck got up with him the first time and got him back to sleep. then i heard quinn on the monitor about 5:55am. since he was not crying (only talking to himself), i was hoping if i ignored him for a little while, he’d go back to sleep. no such luck since trip woke up for the second time at 5:57am. i begrudingly got out of bed to quiet trip & then went to check on quinn since i didn’t hear him anymore. i was suprised to find him flat on his back (he sleeps on his tummy against all recommendations by the SIDS researchers). this is the second time we have found him this way in the last 2 weeks, though he hasn’t yet rolled over any other time. when he saw me looking into his crib, he gave me the biggest smile & his arms & legs kicked in excitement. i was not happy about being awake this early in the morning, but a greeting like that could make anyone smile, even at 6:00am. so after feeding quinn, he is now propped up on some pillows playing as i write. maybe i’ll catch up on my missed sleep tonight…

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  1. Cindy

    I don’t think mothers ever catch up on their sleep. Ansley still doesn’t sleep through the night and Peyton wakes up around 6-6:30 every morning. I have no patience for those who don’t have children and complain about being tired. I didn’t know what tired was until I had kids.

  2. Amber

    man, i dont miss those days- thats the one thing that makes me not like babies. They would be perfect if only they would sleep 12 hours every night! Love the pictures.. quinn is a doll!!


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