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so… quinn has a fairly extensive vocabulary for being only 21 mths old. most of it comes by repeating EVERYTHING his older brother says. my parents were here in mid July and Mama kept calling the boys, “Pete & Repeat”. (quinn will even repeat us calling him repeat).

well, we finally got our 1st freestanding Chick-fil-A in the St. Louis area the week before last. We went on the day they opened! It is about 20 minutes away, but well worth the drive! They boys each got a toy cow and below is a perfect example of the Pete/Repeat scenario that happens multiple times each hour…

while i was on here, i decided to show a video of quinn counting to 14 in the car on thursday. he isn’t centered in the frame, but i was driving down the road… just glad i got most of him in the shot.

(oh yeah… and thanks to chuckie for creating my new blog header. love you!)

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  1. Rachel

    Cute video! I wish your hubby would tell me how to change the font in my header to something like that!! I can’t figure out HTML crap!

  2. Gram

    Thanks for the video! Those boys couldn’t be any cuter :) I like the new header on your blog and the new one on Chuck’s blog. Good work Chuck.

  3. Meredith

    Love the new blog header! I’d love to know how to do that.. :) wink wink.

    Boys are too cute… and congrats on the freestanding Chickfila! :)

  4. Jennifer

    Lovin’ the videos…where do you find the time to put those together? I too love the header, eating more chicken, and the number 11…no love on that one. They are so cute.

  5. mk

    cute videos. I love the new header as well – great picture! let me know when chuck wants to come to Atlanta and teach a class on blog personalizing.

  6. Julie Shaw

    Hey Amy That BabyMoon is on 94 and it’s really cool. They have all sorts of classes and I think they have a schedule on their web site,
    They toddler playdate is at 11:15

  7. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    SO glad that yall got a Chick-fil-A! That is our FAVORITE! We have always gone there for just about anything…it’s just the best.
    Thanks for always checking in on us…your boys are just precious!
    Steph Lyon


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