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I watched this new Game Show tonight on CBS called Power of 10

LOVED IT! First of all, Drew Carey is the host & he is hilarious. He is like a 10 year old girl giggling throughout the entire show. Basically, they polled Americans from every state and the contestant has to guess the percentage of Americans that thought ________________. If you are within the allowable range for the 1st question, you get $1,000 and for every correct answer after that, they multiply by 10. A 19 year old pre-med student walked away with $1 MILLION tonight as the 1st ever contestant on the show. I think Drew was more excited than the kid. The questions they ask are funny & sometimes controversial. Here are a few from tonight’s episode:

What percentage of Americans have spent more than $100 on a pair of jeans?
What percentage of Americans think elementary school kids should be required to learn Spanish?
What percentage of Americans in a duel with Dick Cheney, think they would probably be shot by the Vice President instead of the other way around?
What percentage of American women consider themselves feminists?
What percentage of Americans color coordinate their underwear with the rest of their clothes?

It is fascinating to try & guess what Americans from every state & walk of life will think about a question. And the fact that you can win SO MUCH money so fast is cool. Anyway… just thought I’d share. It’s on again tomorrow night & every Wednesday after that on CBS 8pm/7pm central. Check it out!!

5 Responses to “Power of 10”

  1. Rachel

    I’m so mad that I missed it last night! we got the kids to bed late, but I’m going to watch it next week.
    about the haircut, grace had a sucker almost the entire time-thats the only time they get one, so that keeps them quiet!

  2. amy

    mine usually get a sucker afterward if they were good (well… they get one regardless). i tried giving quinn a sucker once mid-cut… it was covered with hair clippings within minutes & grossed me out! no more suckers DURING haircuts for us!

  3. Mia

    Amy, thanks for the sweet comments on my blog! I will be sure to try to catch this show. I’m currently addicted to Big Brother, which Amy H. introduced to me while I was in VA.

  4. Jennifer

    I didn’t see the whole thing but the part I saw was funny. Drew Carey is hilarious no matter what he is in. I think as it goes on the questions will start getting funnier.

  5. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    LOVE the family picture and the new face of your blog header!! What a great picture of your whole precious family! Thanks for the sweet pregnancy comments–any pregnant woman could hear that when she’s only got 7 weeks left-I am feeling bigger and bigger! I guess I am, huh!?! :)
    Thanks for checking in…it’s amazing how blogging can keep people connected!
    Steph Lyon


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