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i have been taking some video of the boys over the last few months on my new digital camera (see 30 part 2) and also on the flip camcorder mama bought for us from my late meemaw (love that i’m still getting gifts ‘from’ her 6 years after she died… love you meem!!). here are a few of my favorite clips… the first one is quinn singing “i’m in the Lord’s army” at 19 months old (he annunciates much better now… a month and a half later, but i can’t get him to sing it on cue again). he has a little lisp that cracks me up… you’ll see that at the end of the docious clip. i intend to add a ‘trip show’ video soon, but it took me forever to edit this one & it’s past my bed time. check back again soon for trip’s show. click the arrow below to play….

7 Responses to “The Quinn Show”

  1. Gram

    He cracks me up too. One of my favorite phrases is “watch this, Trip!” whether he is just taking a bite of food or playing with a toy. He loves to have his brother’s attention.

  2. Rachel

    this is such a cute video! i am loving this stage with Zach & Grace! They say so many fun things! I’ve GOT to start using my camcorder more often-I keep forgetting to charge it!

  3. nikki

    I love love love this video:) I have been trying to tell people about his singing and keep shooting myself for not takng video of it when we were in Florida…. I like the “Mom… see it”

  4. Brenda Rae

    precious. He is growing up so fast and his hair is getting blonder by the minute!!!

  5. Jennifer

    I love it! I can’t wait to see Trip’s. Docious is the best part I think!!


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