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i have been writing down some funny things that Trip has said to me over the past few months. he talks like a 6 year old quite a bit. most of the time he uses the “big words” correctly, but sometimes it comes out like nonsense. most of these conversations were had in the car. i just cleared out a stack of notes where i had written down his words. here are a few of my favorites… (by the way “M” is me… ya know… Mom)

(conversation about why T was crying at Target):
T: “It is not a big deal”
M: (chuckles)
T: “Don’t laugh! The reason is not going to be!!” (???)
(leaving Chuck’s softball practice):
T: “Mom, you’re really making me nervous.”
M: “Why?”
T: “I need to get on my team at home in the backyard!”
M: “Who is on your team?”
T: “Me, You, Quinn”
M: “You need 10 people to make a team”
T: “Maybe when Dad gets home, he’ll be on my team!”
T: “Mom, you’re my favorite girl.”
T: “Mimi is going to buy me a new pool to swim in.”
M: “Did she tell you that or are you just guessing?”
T: “She telled me that…. a couple days ago.”
M: “Did you eat your strawberries for lunch? “
T: “Yeah, I wish I had cauliflower instead of strawberries, but they were still good.”
M: (silently thinking…. WHO SAYS THAT?)
T: “Can I go to the church and play basketball with Daddy after dinner? Cause I’m wearing this basketball shirt, so that means I need to play basketball.”
M: “We’ll see bud.”
T: “Well askully (actually), I need to play volleyball today.”
(the following were said to our babysitter…. Rae is her 16 year old daughter):
T: “I have another kid like Rae, but she is spending time with her mother.”

T: “I have a verse. Jesus died on the cross and rose from the dead. St. Peters, Missouri”
(i never knew part of our address was in the bible :0)

10 Responses to “from the mouth of a 3 year old”

  1. Gram

    I am glad you are writing these down. There was a TV show when I was young (yes we did have TV back then). It was “Kids Say The Darndest Things” and they still do.

  2. mk

    I’m glad someone remembers to write these things down; I haven’t been so good about it. I keep thinking I’ll put it in their scrapbook but you have to actually work on a scrapbook to include things. In the meantime, you’ve inspired me to start keeping track of how they say things. I love that show your mom mentioned, I wish they still had it.

  3. Rachel

    Hey, wasn’t that the show that Bill Cosby hosted? I remember that one…so it wasn’t TOO long ago! I hope when I can clearly understand my kids, I can write down a couple of things b/c there’s no telling what kind of conversations they will have! I think my favorite thing that Tripp said was that he wished he had cauliflower instead of strawberries!

  4. Michael & Catherine

    That is so cute! I often wish I knew what our girls were thinking…I guess I’ll find out soon and get to write down lots of funny things!!

  5. Amber

    its awesome that you’ll have that to look back at one day. loved the st peters bible reference.. thats priceless.

  6. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    hey amy–just checking in and loving how precious our children are at these impressionable young ages. cute stories from tripp! I have been checking in, but have had so much going on that my computer time is minimal-guests back to back, and trips coming up, back to back. you looked so pretty in your birthday pics, too!
    steph lyon

  7. Jennifer

    St. Peters, Missouri–that cracks me up. What a good idea to write them down…I’m not organized enough for that myself. I do remember Abbey pointing at a very large man at the movie theater when she was 4 and saying very loudly, “look Mommy, he’s pregnant too!”.


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