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(disclosure: i typed this on the 26th, but didn’t get my pics uploaded to the photo flick until today… sorry it took me over 2 weeks to actually publish this….)

so, it happened. my birthday was yesterday & i have entered a new decade. soooo many people older than me have told me how great their 30’s were. i’m not really buying it right now, but i really hope it is true. i ended up having an ok day yesterday, although i had to work and was pretty sick with a cold that decided to show up the day before my b’day… way to go cold! who gets a cold at the end of may anyway? all i wanted to do for my day was to have a nice dinner out at a nice restaurant with my friends. i mentioned it to chuck about 3 weeks or so before & he was committed to make it happen… well, at least until he finally started working on it the week before & the first 2 restaurants he checked out wouldn’t be able to seat a big party & do individual checks. we had a heart to heart last friday night & he got recommitted to the party planning. thankfully, he chatted with my friend julie the next day at his softball game & she gave him some suggestions & eventually ended up making the reservations for us. WHAT A TRULY GREAT GIRLFRIEND! i know that the evening would not have been as successful as it was without all of julie’s help. chuck had a big hand in it too, calling everyone for the invite (he isn’t a big phone talker, so i really appreciated him doing that) and then calling everyone again when the plans changed on monday. the restaurant julie picked was really nice & i’m sure the food was great, except that i couldn’t taste anything because my sinus cavities were about to explode from all of the pressure building inside of them as the night went on.

i am so thankful for all of the phone calls, e-cards, myspace well wishings, & friends who came out to celebrate with me. below are a few pics from my day. there is one of a Cookie bouquet my mom sent me, one of the family about to dig into the cookie cake chuck got for us to share with the kiddos, and a few from the restaurant. chuck gave me a new digital camera as my b’day present. i didn’t take as many pics as i thought i got at the restaurant. my friend michelle was thoughtful enough to bring her camera, so i hope she got some of the people that i didn’t get. i’ll post hers when i get them. i’ll keep you posted with whether or not 30 is as bad as i anticipated… although, if i don’t admit to being 30, am i really?

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5 Responses to “30 (part 2)”

  1. Gram

    I am glad you had a happy birthday. We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. I hope the “30s” turn out better than you are anticipating.

  2. mk

    Amy, you look great…so far the 30s agree with you! I hope you find they are way better than you think they will be. When will you be in Atlanta for another visit?

  3. Rachel

    I agree with MK-you look so pretty in the pictures at your party! 30 is def. agreeing with you! Looks like everyone had a blast at the party!
    Oh, and as for Quinn saying No-Grace is doing it too! She hasn’t started it with me, but she says it to Zach and at random times. I guess I use the word a lot myself…but what can you do??

  4. nikki

    You do look beautiful!! Being thirty isn’t so bad:)…. Wish we could have been there for it… although I never got a phone call from Chuck with a formal invitation:)Just kidding:)

  5. Amber

    girl.. you lookin fine. 30 sucks but considering we dont have an option, its best to embrace it. at least its not 40!


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