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2 weeks from today (on May 25th), i will be turning the big 3-0… that sucks (sorry mama for the not so nice word). i have always LOVED having birthdays and have never minded getting older… that is…. until this year. for some reason, 30 sounds old to me. i have a several friends who have already turned 30 this year, (so i’m not getting much sympathy) but it doesn’t make me feel any better. a couple of weeks ago, i went out with a few girls for a really fun night out to celebrate a friend’s birthday. it was so fun, until i realized that a couple of the girls were only 19 and the birthday girl was only 23 herself!! dang… i felt like a grandma hanging out with them. it was pretty depressing. and if another person tells me that “30 is the new 20″, i’ll probably vomit in my mouth. i don’t believe it one bit. at 20, i was in my prime in college… having the time of my life, hanging out late at night, going on random camping trips at 10:00 at night AND chuck and i started dating that year. here i am 10 years later, longing to be in bed by 10:00 every night.

granted, a lot of incredible things have happened in the last 10 years. i married a wonderful guy and have 2 extraordinary little boys, all of whom i can’t imagine my life without. but 30…. it just sounds terrible. i may end up as one of those people who says they are 29 for the rest of their lives….

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  1. Mia

    Girl, if you are that upset about 30, it’s only downhill from here. Unless you look at all the great things you are and celebrate them! I love 30! :) Well, maybe not love, but just think about when you’re 60, how you’ll long to be 30 again! It’s true!

  2. Gram

    If you thinking you are old, how old does that make me? :) Even though I wasn’t excited about 30, I remember that decade as being one of the best. I try to think of each decade as a new level in my life (think video game). The 20s were all about change – college, marriage, babies. The 30s were the time to really enjoy all of that. Just be excited to go forward and not be stuck at a lesser level that requires less skill.

  3. Brenda Rae

    I am with you – I feel old and wish I could be 24 again! We (Jason and I) decided that Chuck is getting sappy in his old age!

  4. Meredith

    Wait until you turn 31!!! :) Doesn’t that sound old??? :)
    Happy Early Birthday! I loved being 30! It’s not so bad… seriously!

  5. Amber

    my plan is to not act like im in my 30s. as long as people are shocked when i tell them i’m 30, i think im ok with it. it was tough for me too.. i am really just now (5 months later) trying to come to grips with it.

  6. Cindy

    I’m with Gram (that’s your mom, right?) I am loving my 30’s. I had a hard time with turning 27 for some reason. But, after having kids, my age doesn’t matter to me. I am loving this time in my life and I’m only looking forward to what the future holds. I didn’t dislike being younger, but I feel like I’ve finally reached the point that I’ve worked my whole life for and I am enjoying it.

  7. nikki

    I’m with you Amy. I just hate that I am not in my 20s anymore…. but I do like what your Mom said about enjoying it…. all our big decisions have been made… now we can relax and enjoy it…. of course, I think maybe if I was a millionaire 30-year-old it would be much better:)

  8. coupon queen

    Do what we do- most of our friends are older than we are!!! Really- the 30’s aren’t so bad, most people finally realize why they were put on this earth (course some of us have to go thru a LOT of soul searching first) happy birthday early!!!

  9. Rachel

    Thanks for the compliments on my blog! I really needed to hear that actually! You made my day. I do let them get messy b/c it makes them happy, which in turn makes ME happy! As for the pictures-I dreaded going to get them done-I’m usually sweating like a pig by the time they are done and the babies are beyond cranky. This was actually pleasant and the pics were taken in like, 15 minutes!!! So, I guess I can manage going every 6 months or so to get them taken! :)
    I can’t comment on your big 3-0 coming up though…I’m only 2 years behind you, but I agree with mostly everyone else’s posts. I’m hoping that by the time I’m 30, I’ll have figured out some of the things in my life! Maybe for your birthday you should take the boys to get their pics taken and that will TOTALLY take your mind off of it! j/k.
    Take care!


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