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so, i don’t really have anything particular to post. i thought i’d share a few somewhat recent pics & a couple of videos from this week. both of the boys got their haircut a few weeks ago. trip told me that he liked his hair short better, so we may have seen the end of his cool-dude long hair…. at least until he is a pre-teen or teenager & he goes thru a phase thinking long hair is rebellious & cool. enjoy the pics & the videos!

this was trip before his summer haircut, the next shows him afterwards
boys in the bath after their summer haircuts

and the brother wrestling matches have begun

quinn has finally ‘pinned’ his big brother

quinn looking a little mischevious

trip enjoying a nice day outside!

here are a couple of short videos of the little man. he is such a smart kid. his vocabulary is amazing to us and he is learning so much everyday. he can count to 4 already by himself & will count to 10 with us alternating the numbers (ex: he counts to 4, then i say 5 & 6, he will say 7, i say 8, he says 9 & 10). for a 17 mth old, that is pretty good. he is counting in the 1st video below & doing his lizard impression in the 2nd video. the 2nd video is a little dark… hopefully you can see it.

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10 Responses to “nothing in particular”

  1. Amber

    amy pp.. i cracked up on the lizard. i know you taught him that bc ive seen you do that tongue move a million times.

  2. Gram

    All my little boys are brilliant! I am just constantly amazed. I agree with Amber, I have seen that lizard before too :D

  3. nikki

    Love all the videos and pics.
    Quinn is a genius, just like his big brother:)

    The post made me realize how long it’s been since I have seen them… they look so big to me…:(

  4. Rachel

    Wow, what a smart little man! Grace likes to count as well, but you can’t understand her yet. AND, she does the lizard tongue thing as well! I can’t get it on camera though! Oh, and I like Tripp’s summmer cut-he looks like a different kid!

  5. Brenda Rae

    My 7th graders laughed hysterically at the lizard. I was thinking maybe you forgot your password or something since you were depriving me of seeing my favorite boys!

  6. Rachel

    I noticed you changed your wording of your title…I was trying to figure out if imparticular was a word or if I’d been saying it wrong all this time!! :-)

  7. amy

    rachel– funny… chuck said, did you do that on purpose or were you just trying to be funny? it made me laugh… i totally meant in particular. imparticular isn’t a word, as it turns out. although, i did a google search for it & it came up…. a lot…. like over 21,000 occurances. it was even part of a discussion within the American Dialect Society. so maybe it isn’t a real word… but maybe an americanized slang version?????

  8. Mia

    Thanks for the comment on my blog :) I have to confess, I am a fellow stalker also… It’s nice to “meet” you!!! Your boys are absolutely adorable, I like following their adventures!! I actually have Nikki to thank for starting me on blogging and now I’m hooked on it!!!

    We had so much fun in St. Louis. I can’t wait to take Nora back to the Magic House when she’s a little older, I think she’ll LOVE it.

    Take care and feel free to visit our blog anytime!!

  9. Yes

    Hey Amy,

    I am glad you wrote on our blog so we could find you and meet your family. What cute fellas you have! I am looking forward to being a mama of a son and I am thinking you are a pro now and could teach me a few things!

    Take care- Mary Katherine

  10. Michael & Catherine

    Your boys are so precious! Looks like they have a lot of fun together! Isn’t wrestling funny? Our girls wrestle too!


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