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My Aunt Carol invited 13 of us to fly to Miami the first weekend in March and spend 4 fabulous days aboard her & Uncle Phil’s brand new yacht – Marathon. The boat was beautiful inside & out. There were 9 crew aboard (yea for Bonny, Kate, Skye, Michelle, Matthias, Christoff, Derek, Bass, & J.J.) that gave us exceptional service from the moment we arrived until we left on Sunday. It is wierd to have someone wait on me for everything I need or want, but it was so far from my normal life that I LOVED every moment. Aunt Carol planned so much for us to do during the weekend including a tour of Miami via a hummer limo, a trip to Vizcaya, shopping, Pajama night, on board massage, and on board hairstylists to make us beautiful before our dinner out on South Beach. 5 of us also went out to Mansion (a super cool Night Club celebs sometimes frequent) one night… Christoff chaperoned us & we had a blast!
And the food…. oh the food!!!! J.J. is the on-board chef and he was phenomenal. He cooked all of our meals… you know, the fancy stuff you see on Food Network… and it was all so good. I am a super picky eater, but I tried everything J.J. made & it was all sooo good. From Duck Spring Rolls to mushroom crabcakes, Coconut Shrimp Butternut Squash soup to Salad Nicoise with Seared Tuna (he made mine special with Chicken instead), Gourmet Pizzas to Orange Roughy, and Lemon Tarts to Banana Cheesecake. My mouth is watering just remembering how well we ate! HOORAY for J.J!!! It was definitely a time I will never forget. Since moving to Missouri 6 1/2 years ago, we rarely get to see our extended family. Even though this was a girls only trip, I treasured the time spent with my mom, sister-in-law, aunts, and cousin. Nikki and I roomed together & had the first real opportunity to get to know each other since she & Josh dated & married. Our time together is usually pre-occupied by our kids or other people, so I am very thankful to have had this time with her. Below are a few of the pics from our weekend. Thank you Aunt Carol & Uncle Phil…. (and I am still thinking about heading back to Miami Ink to get a portrait of you guys… one on each shoulder…)

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12 Responses to “2007 Girls Trip in Miami”

  1. Gram

    It was a fantastic trip! Thanks to Carol and Phil for allowing us to experience the Marathon. It was especially nice to be with my sisters and my girls for a little quality time :D

  2. nikki

    So glad you posted the pictures:) I haven’t felt like doing anything so I am thankful it has been documented by the blog community:)

    It was a fabulous time…. In addition to chartering the boat, Carol could just plan girls trips for weekends and charge people:)

  3. JP

    Thanks for posting the photos of the trip. Nothing like seeing what you’ve missed out on and will continue to miss year after year after year.

  4. Cindy

    That’s so awesome!!!!!!!!!! Looks like you guys had a great time.

    Todd wants to go to Miami Ink and get a tattoo. Did you see the guys who work there?

  5. mk

    How awesome!! I wish I had an Aunt Carol & Uncle Phil!! If you or Nikki need another sister for your next trip, I’m available. I’m glad y’all had an opportunity to get away for a few days; looks like you had a wonderful time!

  6. amy

    cindy~ they stay so busy b/c of the show’s success that I don’t think you can just walk in & get a tattoo anymore. you have to have an appointment & if you go for the show, you have to fill out an extensive online application & be ‘accepted’. the windows are tinted, so you can’t see in, but there was someone coming out while i was standing there & i saw darren brass standing at the front counter. it was really cool! i wanted to go in, but there was a production guy standing outside letting people in.

  7. Rachel

    Wow, looks like you guys had a blast…I can only imagine what 4 days without children would be like…:) I’m glad you were able to go and be pampered! I agree with MK-I could be your other favorite sister on your next trip!

  8. Amber

    i am so jealous of your family… if i change my last name to puckett can i come next year?

  9. Larry, Stephanie, & Anna Kate

    amy…how awesome! i can’t believe that youo go to have such a dreamy experience…who is your uncle, adn what does he do?! amazing.
    you looked like a hottie, too!
    major fun, huh?! beautiful.
    stephanie lyon

  10. Michelle Ross

    Fun! I read about Vizcaya a few days ago- Florida photographers say the place is CRAZY concerning people shooting there…. location permits and so forth!

  11. The Mattox Family

    Amy Scoggins! Erin Hale Mattox here. Stephanie told me about your trip to Miami and I had to see it for myself. Wow! Looks like ya’ll had a blast. And I love the video of Quinn scooting across the floor on his little bottom. How precious. My little one will be getting around sooner than we realize it. He is 5 1/2 months, but such a tiny little guy. Hope ya’ll are doing well. We now have a blog and I thought you might want to check it out.


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